School NewsJun 5, 2023

updated Jun 16, 2023

Senior Awards Ceremony

Honoring the Class of 2023

The 125th Commencement Weekend June 3 and 4 included Saturday’s Senior Awards and Alumnae Induction ceremonies under the Commencement Tent.

Seniors were recognized for service to the School and presented with academic honors and all-school awards. The forty-four graduates-to-be were then welcomed by Alumnae Council President Mary Atwood ’83 into the global community of Miss Hall’s alums.

They also received their senior charms and stamped the Book of the School, which contains the name of every alum to attend the School. Students sign the book when they enter the School and stamp it on the eve of Commencement, signifying their journey from student to alum!

Class Representatives who will lead the way in keeping the Class of 2023 connected to MHS and to each other were announced: Shirley Dong, Fernanda Morais Laroca, Ada Liu, Emily Meng, Vy Nguyen, Lily Rhoades, Catherine Yang, and Susie Wang.

And, for their gift to the School, the seniors donated $2,000 from their class fund to the Student Emergency Endowment Fund, created last year by school leaders Cailyn Tetteh ’22 and Truc Hoang ’22, to support students in times of emergency need.

During a musical interlude, Grace Notes, the School’s a cappella singing group, performed two songs, “Photograph,” by Ed Sheeran, and “Night Changes,” from One Direction. As is tradition, seniors Shirley Dong, Belle He, Fernanda Morais Laroca, and Yolanda Zhang sang for their final time with the group, performing “One Call Away,” by Charlie Puth.

All-School Awards

The Joseph F. Buerger Memorial School Spirit Cup honors the student who best represents the true spirit of Miss Hall’s School and recognizes a student whose joy of life, goodwill toward other students, integrity, spirit of character, and enthusiasm are ever present and a source of enrichment for the School community. The recipient is nominated by students and approved by a vote of the faculty: Jenelee

As alums, you will continue to lead by example and be important ambassadors of Miss Hall’s in the world. Each of you will nurture your connection to MHS in your own authentic way.

Alumnae Council President

The Margaret Witherspoon Award is given to the student who exemplifies the qualities of integrity and honor that Miss Witherspoon fostered in her 35 years at Miss Hall’s School. Specifically, this award must recognize unusual distinctions in some areas of School life. This student is involved with so many aspects of school life and has led us the community with joy and care. She has a passion for DEI work and truly cares about people, learning and connection: Shirley

The Christine Fuller Holland Class of ’33 Service Prize recognizes volunteerism and honors a student who has been active in any and all forms of service, both on and off campus. This student is willing to take risks and be vulnerable, and she brings passion to everything she does. She is thoughtful, fair minded, direct, yet empathetic with each and every student who comes before the committee. Her ability to be self-reflective and invite others to the conversation is commendable: Viola

The Faculty Commendation Award is given to a student who has demonstrated commendable growth during their years at Miss Hall’s School. During her time at Miss Hall’s, this student has shown resilience and impressive growth. In the words of one teacher, “Once very unsure, she has become confident and fierce without compromising her innate kindness. She has been an incredible role model to younger students. Her confidence and leadership have built alongside her authenticity, and she embodies all of our values and competencies.” This year’s recipient: Annais

Meus Honor Stat/Core Competency Awards

The tenets of the School’s core competencies — Vision, Voice, Interpersonal Efficacy, and Gumption — together with the School’s core values — Honor, Respect, Authenticity, and Growth — embody the School’s motto, Meus Honor Stat, or “My Honor Stands.” Thus, the recipients of the Core Competency awards receive a Meus Honor Stat Key. This year, faculty selected two students to receive each of the awards.

The Vision Award honors a student or students who have demonstrated the ability to nurture curiosity, innovate, recognize opportunities, and act as an ally for others.

Over the course of four years, we have seen Viv develop her vision for the world and capture it as an artist and as a leader.

Fer shows vision in her classes, extracurriculars and school projects.

The Voice Award honors a student or students who has demonstrated the ability to present herself with integrity, communicate effectively, confidently advocate and negotiate, and demonstrate and command respect.

Cherish has done an excellent job as School President.

Once reticent to speak, Yolanda has blossomed.

The Interpersonal Efficacy Award honors a student or students who have demonstrated the ability to navigate diverse contexts with ease while maintaining consistency of character and building strong relationships and networks.

Although Lucy is a quiet leader, she possesses excellent communication skills.

Kali motivates younger students and is a great role model.

The Gumption Award honors a student or students who have demonstrated the ability to take calculated risks to create change, to practice self-reflection, and to distinguish the pursuit of one’s best self from the pressure for perfection.

Grey has shown tremendous Gumption in their four years at MHS.

Bethania demonstrates gumption across different areas of school life.

Academic Awards

Rusty Everdell was a noted graduate of Miss Hall’s School, excelling in the classroom and on the athletic field. She was a remarkable amateur athlete, capturing most of the athletic honors at her school. The Sylvia “Rusty” Shethar Everdell ’38 Prize recognizes a true leader embodying the qualities of leadership showing the willingness to grow and change while always willing to mentor younger student-athletes: Bethania

The Paul C. Cabot, Jr. History Prize is given annually to a student (or students) with a passion for history and devotion to learning.

And, the Susanna McCreath Music Prize recognizes the many outstanding contributions this musician made to the musical life of the school, inspiring her peers and audiences with her expressive piano performances and skilled vocal leadership: Yolanda

The beloved teacher whose name is memorialized in this award taught a generation of young women to love science and gifted this institution with 25 years of exemplary teaching. Iive Rouse brought enthusiasm for her field of knowledge, a genuine sense of humor, a generous heart, and a desire to inspire her students to see themselves as scientists in their own right. These recipients of the live Rouse Science Award truly embody the spirit of this award as inquisitive seekers, curious learners, and scientists in their own right: Susie and Bethania

James K. Ervin was a beloved teacher, coach, advisor and mentor, who inspired students to believe in themselves and strive to do their very best. The recipient of the James K. Ervin Mathematics Prize has shown throughout her time in MHS math courses that she approaches math as something far more than a tool. This inquisitive nature and her strong performance make her perfect for this award: Fernanda

The Mansfield E. Pickett Latin Prize is awarded for outstanding achievement and excellence in the study of Latin.

And, the Angela Kalischer Theater Prize for performance honors the indelible mark this performer has left on the stage and behind the scenes, as her passion and dedication have transcended the boundaries of any one theatrical medium: Shirley.

The Monique Jalbert French Prize honors this student’s leadership in the classroom, her solid commitment as well as her outstanding observations, passion, and mastery of the French language.

And, the Photography Award is given to a student for her special dedication to and technical mastery of this ever-changing medium: Ollie

The Virginia Breene Wickwire ’67 Reading Prize honors a student who possesses a deep love of the written word and who demonstrates through her lively conversations and broad interests that her life is immensely enriched through reading: Bianca and Lucy

The Doris E. Pitman English Prize celebrates a student who has demonstrated excellence of achievement in English during her years at MHS: Lucy

The Theater Prize bears the name of former MHS Teacher, Angela Kalischer, who served the school for 37 years and taught generations of students dance, choreography, and theater until her retirement in 2006. The Angela Kalischer Theater Prize for technical theater recognizes this student’s generosity of spirit, commitment to teamwork, and dedication to the collaborative process, especially behind the scenes: Grey

The Mansfield Pickett Scholarships, named in memory of former Lenox School and MHS Teacher Mansfield E. (Peter) Pickett, are awarded annually to two students who exhibit outstanding performance in academics and in extracurricular activities. Presented scholarships earlier in the year by representatives of the Lenox School Alumni Association: Grey and Annais

The Senior Prize in Engineering and Technology Innovation recognizes a senior who embraces design and technology, and has, in this case, blended tech and art: Lily

The Horizons Award is given to a student who demonstrates strong leadership, passion, and excellence in community engagement and contribution to the common good at Miss Hall’s School and beyond. For her genuine commitment to personal discovery and experiential learning: Malina

The Miss Hall’s ESOL Award is given to a student who demonstrates consistent excellence in the study of the English language.To celebrate her extraordinary growth, her oustanding discipline, and her dedicated study of the challenging and capricious English language over the last three years: Vy

This Spanish Award is presented in recognition of this student’s love and appreciation for the Spanish language and culture and for her intention to continue her studies: Emily

The Ceramics Award is given to a student for her dedication to the exploration of ceramic art and the creative process: April

The Elizabeth Gatchell Studio Art Prize recognizes this student’s extraordinary dedication to developing her artistic skill and exploring her voice, while also serving as an inspiration to other aspiring student artists: Viviana

Service to the School

Recognized for leading the school community:

  • All-School Officers — School President Cherish Buxton, Vice President Viola Quiles, Secretary Aurora Rahman, and Treasurer Fernanda Morais Laroca
  • Class of 2023 Class Officers — President Jena Alam, Vice President Jenelee Saldaña, Secretary Ollie Walter, Treasurer Belle He, Archivists Sue Moon and Nico Zhou, Class Representative to Student Council Sunny Liang, Social Committee Reps Ivy He and Vy Nguyen, Judicial Committee Representative Jinci Shang, Blue Rep Viola Quiles, Gold Rep Kali Sears, Blue Captain Jen Saldaña, and Gold Captain Bethania Robertson
  • Senior Proctors — Paige Barton, Lucy Garrison, Malina Jackson, Sophie Jin, Viv Lanphear, Sue Moon, Solitaire Niles, Aurora Rahman, Jenelee Saldaña, Kali Sears, Tanya Sheinkman, Francesca Tesoro, Annais Vallejo, Ollie Walter, and Anna Zheng
  • Senior leaders of all-school groups that support our inclusive day and boarding school community — Social Committee Heads: Cici Chen and Lily Rhoades and Diversity Coalition Heads: Shirley Dong and Kali Sears
  • Seniors who served as Bigs, Admissions Ambassadors, team captains, club leaders, and as representatives to the Athletic Association, Diversity Coalition, Essential Coalitions, Judicial Committee, Social Committee, and Student Council.