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updated Mar 13, 2024

Matilda a Hit!

Sold-out shows and rave reviews!

Congratulations to the MHS Theater Ensemble cast and crew of Matilda for an amazing production!

We are still raving about this girl girl-power-inspiring production based on the 1988 novel by Roald Dahl. The acting, singing, choreography, and staging were top notch, showcasing the many talents of our students. Congratulations to cast and crew and to Director of Theater and Dance Jennifer Jordan on an outstanding show!

Matilda tells the story of an imaginative five-year-old whose special powers and extraordinary potential go unrecognized by her abusive parents and cruel headmistress. Instead, Matilda seeks refuge in her books and bonds with a supportive librarian and a new school teacher, before showing her classmates they, too, can stand up against the forces holding them back.

  • The production featured:
    Eleanor Jacobsen ’27 as the title character, Matilda Wormwood
  • Willa Dowling-Paul ’25 as the bullying Headmistress, Miss Agatha Trunchbull
  • Casey Lai ’25 as Matilda’s supportive teacher, Miss Honey
  • Kyla Gore ’24 and Hanna Heaton Wellenstein ’24 as Matilda’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood
  • Sutra Chakma ’24 as the kindly librarian, Mrs. Phelps
  • Hypnos Perri ’24 as Matilda’s older brother, Michael, and the Nurse
  • Avah DeBenedetto ’27 as Matilda’s best friend, Lavender
  • Kyana Chainani ’25, Myles Patton ’27, Anna White ’27, and Jaimie Corpuz ’26 as Matilda’s classmates Amanda, Hortensia, Eric, and Tommy
  • Emilie Coziol-Desy ’25 as The Acrobat and Nigel, another of Matilda’s classmates
  • Welmerly Maria ’24 as Rudolpho and Bruce, also a classmate
    Indigo Travis ’27 as The Escapologist
  • EA Peña ’25 as Sergei
  • Sonia Rundle ’27, Ella Tawes ’24, and Maddie Tillem ’24 rounded out the Ensemble

The musical’s technical crew included Stage Managers Molly Casey ’24 overseeing the front of the house and Mackenzie Ennis ’24 overseeing backstage. Izzy Aponte ’26, Itza Jimenez ’27, Kara Kisselbrock ’26, Fiona Lu ’26, Kat Lunden ’25, and Sophia Tillem ’24 assisting with costumes and props. Emilie Coziol-Desy ’25 was the Choreographer.

A Truly Remarkable Performance

Photos don’t do it justice…