School NewsAug 21, 2022

updated Nov 21, 2023

James K. Ervin Tennis Complex

Support Miss Hall’s athletics, promote girls’ wellbeing, and honor a dedicated teacher and friend to so many

Jim Ervin had a dream: to create tennis courts at Miss Hall’s worthy of the promise of athletics for the wellbeing of girls.

And now, with the blessing of his family, we are excited to prioritize this project and honor memories from his three decades of service to Miss Hall's — not only inside the math classroom, but also as a coach, geology teacher, Assistant Head of School, and mentor.

More than $900,000 has been raised toward the $1.1M cost of building the James K. Ervin Tennis Complex! Our Tennis Team was able to play their 2023 season on the courts, and a lively pickleball culture has emerged at MHS! Still to come: tasteful landscaping and much-needed parking to accommodate spectators and beyond.

Gifts of all sizes are warmly welcomed and will be acknowledged in the School’s Annual Report and to Mr. Ervin’s family. In addition:

  • Contributions of $1,000 or more will be recognized on a dedicatory plaque
  • Gifts of $5000 or more will be distinguished as Champions of this initiative
  • Donors of $10,000 or more will be recognized as Leaders in the Be Bold Campaign that will go public this fall
  • Gifts of $100,000 or more can be recognized in the naming of individual courts

Please reach out to for more information.

With high expectations, boundless encouragement, and a commitment to access and support for all students, Jim Ervin believed that the transformation of students’ lives should be grounded in warmth, support, and respect. Many members of our community remembered him fondly when he passed away in March, 2022.

Mr. Ervin believed passionately in the power of tennis to build friendships, community, teamwork, a sense of personal achievement, and mental fortitude for all who play.

At Miss Hall’s, girl-centered athletics are powerful and life-enhancing. Participation in sports builds confidence, resilience, and determination — the hallmarks of all Miss Hall’s graduates.

Any student can learn tennis, even with no prior experience or athletic ability, making it exceedingly accessible. In fact, tennis has been a fixture at MHS since the first courts were built in 1926.

Integral to the Master Plan and the future of a sustainable Miss Hall’s, the James K. Ervin Tennis Complex will feature state-of-the-art courts.

Your contribution will keep Miss Hall’s students healthy, athletics competitive, and our campus vibrant.

Donors to the Project

Ms. Lisa J. Alberti ’73
Mrs. Judith K. Anderson ’88
Mrs. Nancy G. Ault ’73
Mrs. Kirby Barit-Niven ’72
Sylvia C. Bornholt '88
Mrs. Pamela T. Burkland ’72
Ms. Bonnie Campbell-Perkins ’57
Mrs. Susan Chollet ’62
Anna Clancy
Ms. Diane Cleary
Merritt Colaizzi
Mrs. Susan H. Colvin ’72
Alexi Grenadier Conine ’92
Mrs. Mette Coughlin ’88
Ms. Paige M. Covert ’87
Susan D. and Edmund L. Dana
Ms. Kate Dahmen ’88
Ms. Veronique C. de La Bruyere ’75
Anne Eckardt Demas ’75
Barbara Thatcher Donaldson ’72
Lee Dubin ’71
Jennifer Vitale Dueble ’90
Gretchen Royle Evans ’88
Ms. Francisca I. Fenton ’89
Ms. Kathleen C. Graff ’62
Beth Welch Gustafson ’88
Ms. Becca Hajjar ’89
Dr. and Mrs. William L. Hajjar
Joan Harring
Ms. Laura H. Harris ’74
Kate Haviland
Julia N. Heaton P’24
Fletcher Hodges (Chantel ’52+)
Betsy Holtzinger
Nancy Van Vleck Housel ’72
Ms. Jody G. Howard ’87
Jennifer Wadman Hudson '90
Mrs. Stephanie L. Kadnar ’90
Miss Carolyn D. Kitchel ’89
Ms. Alice Wallis Kittredge
Mrs. Caroline Kittredge ’77
Christopher J. Kittredge
The John and Judith Kittredge Fund
The Judith H. Kittredge Irrevocable Trust
Martha Jane Kittredge
Ms. Ann C. Landenberger ’72
Elizabeth Rose Kittredge Lovett
Isabelle Kittredge Lovett
Mrs. Amanda R. Marinell ’89
Ms. Jennifer Martin ’72
Lynn Steppacher Martin ’71
Pamela First Martin ’88
Loulie Safe Mauran ’52
Paula Leuchs Moats McNay ’72
Dr. Cheryl Mitchell
Constance and John Montgomery
Mrs. Patricia Moynahan
Ms. Debbie Neal ’72
The Olver family - John, Rose, and Martha ’88
Emily E. Payne '89
Ms. Hilary Prouty ’62
Ms. Rebecca Rice ’72
Ms. Sarah M. Rich ’93
Ms. Kimberlee Rios ’93
Mrs. Wendy Robbins ’87, in honor of Mrs. Margaret H. Robbins ’59
Mrs. Marietta Rose ’93
Martha Rowley
Ingrid Royle Maclean '90
Tish Andresen Slattery '89
Mrs. Daniel Soloway ’88
Dr. Stacey K. Sotirhos ’89
Jennifer Perkins Speers ’71
Byron and Lee Hill Stookey
Katherine E. Stookey
Sarah Stookey
Elizabeth D. Strawbridge '89
Mrs. Elizabeth Clarke Sweeney ’88
Mrs. Kristine K. Vallandingham ’94
Diederik van Renesse
Elizabeth Wales
Jonathan C. Wales
Steve and Judy Wales
Stu and Karen Wales
Pamela Walker
Judy White
Amy Church Wood ’89
Mrs. Cornelia Woods ’89
Mrs. Robin B. Woods ’58
Rachel H. Ziemba ’89
Lynn K. Zuckerman ’88

Please write Tennis in the comments box to make sure your gift is properly designated. Thank you in advance for your contribution!