AcademicsJan 8, 2024

updated Feb 2, 2024

Pitch Perfect

There are so many ways to be a musician and artist... and the ensemble is a great venue to be a part of a larger whole

The Music Wing’s Studio A, with its instruments of all sorts and walls lined with images of musical greats, is the perfect place to conjure up musical inspiration. A new songwriting ensemble is bringing that inspiration to life!

“It’s a good opportunity for students from all musical backgrounds to combine their talents,” says Instrumental Music Teacher Jeffrey Howard.

“There are so many ways to be a musician and artist — whether it’s writing poetry, composing beats on laptop, or trying chords on a piano — and the ensemble is a great venue to be a part of a larger whole," Mr. Howard adds. "You don’t have to be an expert on an instrument. You just have to have an open mind and be willing to work with other people and listen to ideas.”

Students begin with fundamentals, so they have a shared lingo and understanding of concepts. They dug into music theory and song structure, then brought in favorite songs and discussed techniques. Next, they’ll add their own ideas and assemble a group song to be performed at future MHS musical event.

“My end goal is for all of the students to find a sense of purpose and accomplishment in their own way,” Jeffrey adds. “Some may want to flex performance muscles, others may want to contribute behind the scenes, but the goal is to get everybody involved and collaborating, and that’s exciting.”

Editor's Note: Members of the Songwriting Ensemble performed their song, "Stuck," during the January 19 Jazz & Rock Night Concert.

Watch the video below!