School NewsJun 3, 2021

updated Jun 4, 2021

Rising Seniors in the spotlight

Next year’s seniors (and one rising junior!) recognized with academic honors

Our newest graduates are not the only ones who received end-of-year honors and awards.

Congratulations to the following distinction award recipients!

Andrea Becker ’79 Prize — Kathleen ’22

This all-school award is presented by a vote of the faculty to an outstanding underclasswoman. This year’s recipient “demonstrates excellence in academics and authentic engagement in many aspects of community life.” Kathleen ’22, is a “creator, thinker, convenor, and leader who models the core values of MHS and displays the core competencies of vision, voice, interpersonal efficacy, and gumption. She has shown care for the community and a commitment to social justice. She has contributed to many virtual and hybrid events this year, including TEDx, Hackathon, and the JEDII Teach-in.”

Engineering and Technology Innovation — Kathleen ’22

Kathleen not only committed herself to advancing her own understanding of engineering and tech but also extended her passions to those around her. For her contribution to co-founding Crypted001, to co-planning the first Miss Hall’s Hackathon, and her actions to promote and advocate for women in engineering, she received this Rising Distinction Award.

Science — Kathleen ’22

Presented to a junior who has shown exceptional aptitude, curiosity, and capacity for applying what they’ve learned in and beyond the classroom to relevant challenges we face today.

Rising Distinction in English — Rebecca ’22

To recognize her intellectual curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, her strong commitment to collaboration with her peers, and her expressive, lyrical, and poignant creative writing.

Sam ’22 at the Hallmark Art Intensive Show(Sym Elliott ’22)

Expressive Arts — Sam ’22

In recognition of her dedication to developing her artistic voice, exploring concepts that are personally meaningful, and her curiosity for learning new mediums, as well as her active involvement in musical ensembles.

Language — Sam ’22

For her solid commitment to the study of the Spanish language, as well as for her exceptional talent and outstanding performance.

History — Cailyn ’22

It is the rare student who illuminates truths for others with such bold consciousness and unflinching high expectations. Cailyn is recognized for her service to the School and to honor her passionate pursuit of the study of history.

(Cailyn, who was recently elected School President for the 2021-22 academic year, was also instrumental in launching the MHS Community Action Fund. Click here to read more!)

English for Speakers of Other Languages — Yolanda ’23

At all times in her English language work, she has shown a bold and ambitious passion to use words to their highest possible effect, creating a collection of extraordinary writing in her quest to explore the human experience. Musical, reflective, soulful, her written portfolio reflects her absolute dedication to love of learning and language.

Bags of Hope

Horizons — Keely ’22

This student’s growth, leadership, and commitment to philanthropic work alongside her MAPS (Mira’s Alliance for Philanthropic Sustainability) team, continued to support efforts locally with the Bags of Hope initiative, which brought necessities to those in need in the community. She is a collaborative and supportive team member and leader.

(Yoyo Wang ’21)

Mathematics — Christina ’22

For outstanding achievement, dedication, and excellence in the study of Mathematics.

(Christina was recently elected School Secretary for the 2021-22 academic year. She can also play the zither!)

Varsity Soccer

Athletics — Sienna ’22

For her outstanding contributions as an athlete, her support of her teammates, and her leadership with the Athletic Association.