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updated May 12, 2021

Remembering Madge Buerger

Mrs. Buerger dedicated 42 years to MHS, 23 years as Director of Athletics, and she coached nearly every sport at the School.

(Walter Scott)

Remembering Madge Buerger

Former Athletic Director, Coach, Archivist, Alumnae Association Executive Secretary, mentor, and friend Madge Buerger passed away on January 4 at age 97.

Mrs. Buerger dedicated 42 years to MHS, 23 years as Director of Athletics, and she coached nearly every sport at the School.
A faithful MHS ambassador, Mrs. Buerger was until recently a presence at Alumnae Weekend and our annual Awards Banquet, where she presented the Madge Buerger Blue/Gold Cup.

Between them, Mrs. Buerger and her husband, former Latin Teacher, Registrar, College Counselor, and Assistant Headmaster Joe, served a combined 70 years at Miss Hall’s, and the Buergers made an indelible impact on the lives of generations of MHS students.


“I can see and hear her during graduation practices directing everyone with class and grace. A legend. She’ll be in charge up above for sure.” — Alexandra Martin-Mellor ’83

There were so many memories surrounding her. She set the pace to the music (with bent arm moving back and forth in front of her)
to make sure we entered any formal event in the student center. I think of her to this day when I hear God of Our Fathers (and am ready to walk in time to the beat). As members of the Athletic Association, she was really our mentor. Then, later, when I was Alumnae Council President and she was Alumnae Association Director, I felt she was a real friend and her guidance priceless. We were so lucky to have her at Miss Hall’s.” — Sheila Scranton Childs ’57

"I feel lucky to have had Madge inspire me as a student, and then mentor me as I took on the role of AD at Miss Hall’s, fresh out of college. Needless to say, I was green, but she always seemed to know just what to say. I will forever think of her fondly.” — Rachel August Horn ’94

“The Buergers were the heart and soul of MHS and cared so deeply for all of us students. What a wonderful legacy, I will remember both of them fondly.” — Laura H. Harris ’74

“Oh, such a loss. Mrs. Buerger made everyone feel special, and even recognized me whenever I came back on campus. I think of her running alongside our field hockey team during the fall games.”— Alice Butler Burnham ’65

1973(Warren Fowler)

“The Miss Hall’s School archives were enriched for many years by the stewardship of two women, Madge Buerger and Sarah McFarland. First Madge, and then Sarah, tackled the enormous task of organizing and preserving the School’s many historic artifacts.

“These materials had been kept in several diverse environments, and Sarah oversaw their move into the dedicated archives space in Benjamin A. Groves Hall. She continued to champion their care as she trained a new archivist, stressing the importance of not only tending to and continuing to preserve these reminders of our past, but also the need to thoroughly document the present-day life of the school.

“Each time I see the faint, penciled notes on the back of an old black-and-white graduation photograph or on the first page of a school publication now extinct — Madge’s handwriting a delicate cursive and Sarah’s an all-caps printing — I am reminded of how much these two authentic women contributed to what we know of our past.” — Marieanne Clark P’06, School Archivist

Undated, MHS Archives

“Sad news for the MHS community and all who knew her kindness.” — Stacey Sotirhos ’89

“Such sad news. Madge and Joe were ever present in the most joyful ways throughout my wonderful years as a student at MHS.” — Alicia Arnold Foster ’78

“Had it not been for each and both of them my MHS experience would have been greatly diminished.” — Nan Brewster Paternotte ’65

Undated, MHS Archives

“If we all modeled our lives after Madge, this would be a kinder and more loving world. I loved turning over proceedings to her because the rafters shook with shouting and school spirit. An amazing woman.” — Jeannie Norris H’62, H’12

“She was a school treasure and continued on for so long after her husband passed. I am so glad they are now reunited.” — Rebecca Kline ’84

“She was a great leader and well respected. Sad loss.” — Sally Searles Gierke ’70

“It was over sixty years ago that this wonderful woman entered my life at MHS. As so many have said here: she was kind, thoughtful, always willing to listen, had a ready laugh, was a true athlete, but didn't make that her only important identity. I always felt calm and safe around her as I made the adjustment to boarding school. May she rest in peace. — Margaret Rigg Atwood ’61

“RIP, Mrs. Buerger. She and Mr. Buerger were absolutely central to my MHS years. She took no nonsense from us.” — Alison Beach ’81

“RIP and prayers. Influenced so many of us during her time.” — Heidi Dittloff ’78

“This is such a sad news, but both Mr. Buerger and Mrs. Buerger’s memories will continue to warm my heart. I am forever thankful for their love and everlasting impression on me personally during those challenging times!” — Ramak Makooi ’80

“What an amazing person. Role model of principled leadership. Loved her blue/gold rallies at luncheon — Go Blue.” — Susan P. O’Day ’77

1960(Clemens Kalischer)

“I owe my proper dining etiquette to Mrs. Buerger.” — Rachel Ferrer ’86

“So very sad. She was the light as soon as you walked into school. Her laugh.” — Pamela Martin ’88

“I’m sorry to hear about this. Many fond memories of Mrs. Buerger. My condolences to her family and her extended MHS family.” — Jessica Dehn ’93

“As an AA pres. I have many fond memories and laughs. Take your rest Mrs. Buerger.” — Marisa Ferguson ’93

“She and Mr. Buerger were two of my 3 favorite teachers. (The third was Miss Pittman.) She appeared to genuinely like me even though I was a “snow bunny” (non-skier) in the winter and didn’t much like school sports. We snow bunnies had to put on a show (with song & dance) as our sport — her idea, and brilliant. I will never forget her. She was so kind and just wanted all of us to be happy.” — Sue Shepard Jaques ’61

“She was loved by all!” — Gale Arcuni Kirkwood ’61

“Honored to have received the Joseph Buerger Spirit Award. She was a legend!” — Emmy Payne ’89