Life at Miss Hall’sJun 11, 2020

Proctors at MHS

Proctors are a critical part of the MHS Personal Team — from Day One!

Proctors are often the first people a new student will meet when they arrive on campus for registration day, and they will continue to play a pivotal role in every student’s MHS experience.

“As seniors, Proctors are the experts when it comes to navigating life at MHS, having had many of the same experiences as their proctees,” says Mary Bazanchuk, Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life.

An honored position at the School, and selected via an application process, Proctors regularly connect with both their proctees and resident faculty to ensure that all students are happy and healthy.

“I think of the role as ‘the ultimate big sister,’” says Proctor Abigail ’20. “To me, such a job embodies a person who not only takes leadership head-on, but also accepts growth within all areas of the process. A Proctor is dedicated to providing relief wherever she can, and she works with the intention of providing a wholesome experience for others.”