School NewsJun 10, 2024

updated Jul 9, 2024

Immense Commitment to Learning + Growth

The year’s second Pietas award presented to Alison Quiñones Johnson

Pietas Awards are presented to faculty and/or staff members who go above and beyond for the MHS Community.

The May 2024 Pietas was presented to Math Teacher Alison Quiñones Johnson, who was nominated by Lila Juska ’24, Zadie Juska ’24, and Ella Tawes ’24.

From nominator Zadie: "Throughout this whole year this teacher has gone above and beyond to support her students. As someone who has struggled with math in the past, her openness to answering questions and non-judgmental attitude make it significantly more accessible.

"This teacher’s love for math is infectious and that makes class 10x better. Whether it’s the unit circle stickers on her water bottle, the little hearts she writes next to proofs, her generosity surrounding re-explaining a concept, or holding on duty study sessions, she makes calculus, dare I say it, fun?! And her warmth and caring for her students expands beyond just math. I’ve seen her act as a supportive advisor, an advocate for students, and as the advisor for the Latine Affinity Group.

"I think Ms. QJ should win this award because of her evident and immense commitment to her students’ learning and growth."