Global CitizenshipJul 6, 2022

updated Nov 20, 2023

Passion Project — Steeped in Tradition

Bringing a bit of home to MHS

When tackling final projects for two Expressive Arts classes, Truc ’22 decided to bring a bit of home to MHS, her home for the last four years.

Ellie Kreischer

“I wanted to do something that had a lot of meaning for me and my identity,” explains Truc, who is from Hanoi. “Tea is a big part of my family culture. My grandparents drink it every day; it’s a ritual for them, and I was taught the basics of how they do it.”

For her Hallmark Art Intensive class — a yearlong course in which students create concept-driven work, culminating in a solo show — Truc created 18 ceramic teapots, with two cups to go with each teapot. For her Garment & Textile Design course — a semester-long course that introduces students to fashion concepts and how to create clothing — Truc designed and made from scratch a traditional Vietnamese áo dài, a long shirt worn on formal occasions.

During a May 11 exhibit for Hallmark Art, Truc brought both projects together. She recreated her family’s tea ceremony, complete with green tea she brought to MHS from Vietnam. She also included traditional snacks — bánh đậu xanh, small pastries made from bean powder — that her grandparents usually eat while enjoying their tea.

“Seeing my work come together has been really satisfying,” notes Truc, who found herself returning to the ceramics studio this year for the first time since ninth grade. “I hadn’t made anything since then, but I made variety of bowls and plates for my Gallery class in the fall, then took on the challenge of making new type of work with the teapots, which are much more difficult because there are many pieces to them — the body, lid, spout, and handle.”

The projects are a fitting culmination to Truc’s experience at MHS, where she has been an active member of the community, serving this year as the School’s Vice President.

“Throughout my time at Miss Hall's, I’ve had the opportunity to explore myself, my identity, and my background and learn the importance of authenticity,” she explains. “I have been encouraged by my teachers and friends to share about my culture and where I come from, and this project is a very meaningful way for me to do that with the community.”