Life at Miss Hall’sSep 24, 2021

updated Oct 11, 2021

By the Light of the Moon

Celebrating Harvest Traditions at MHS

Fall is harvest season, with many cultural traditions centered on seasonal bounty and togetherness.

The MHS International Student Alliance (ISA) celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival — also known as the Moon Festival — under a beautifully dramatic sky on Tuesday night. Popular in many Asian cultures, the holiday marks the abundance of fall and a time of gratitude with family and friends.

Before Study Hall, the community gathered on the tennis courts for tasty mooncakes and drinks, poems and songs, and eager for telescopic views of the Harvest Moon. Several students wore traditional clothing to the student-led festivities, which also included radiant lanterns, made during a weekend activity workshop. Sisters Anna Ho ’22 and Alice Ho ’23 sang a song in celebration, as did Belle He ’23. The moon stayed hidden during the event, but Tennis Coach Rich Butler helped students find stars and planets for viewing!

At Monday’s Community Meeting, Cici Chen ’23, Emily Meng ’23, and Nico Zhou ’23 shared the story behind the festival, and information about traditional foods and drinks enjoyed during the celebration, which traditionally includes gathering with family and watching the moon together.

“Usually, back in China, as a family, we gather together to eat dinner,” said Emily. “I like the concept of reunion on this holiday, because no matter how busy you are, you have to get back and celebrate it with your family.” While not at home, she enjoyed the mooncakes and seeing the night sky through the telescope. “I have been wanting to eat mooncakes since the start of school, so yesterday's celebration was pretty fun,” Emily added.