School NewsJan 13, 2022

updated Jan 15, 2022

124 Years of History

Old photos resurface and take us back in time

Louise Brown, of Connecticut, recently sent the School a photo album kept by Martha Birnie Farmer, Class of 1911!

The album includes photos from the 1909-10 and 1910-11 school years, the School’s earliest years on Holmes Road. There are fascinating photos of school life, sports, and the campus, along with plenty of candids!

From the Photo Album of Martha Birnie Farmer 1911

After Miss Hall’s, Martha Birnie earned a B.A. in 1915 and an M.A. in 1916 from George Washington University. She married James W. Farmer in 1923 and died in 1972.

Ulysse Buhler, left, and Ella Hurtt Barnes

Ulysse Buhler taught piano at MHS for more than 40 years, joining the School in 1902. Born in Chile, educated in Switzerland, France, and Germany, Mr.Buhler came to the U.S. in 1883. A noted music instructor, he was also a pioneer in Berkshire chamber music concerts. Remarked Head of School Margaret Hall in 1948, “Mr. Buhler will always stand out for us because of the great warmth and charm of his personality and his gift of friendship.”

Ella Hurtt, Mira Hall’s “right-hand woman” and the first teacher she hired. Miss Hurtt taught Mathematics and German and was Assistant Headmistress. She married William R. Barnes (Barnes & Noble) at the “Old School” in 1912 and left Miss Hall’s after her marriage, but continued her connection with the School in many ways. She accompanied Mira Hall on her last motor trip to Maine, where Miss Hall died in 1937.

The Pond and rear of the "old" school, which burned in 1923.

From the Archives — Winter Scenes

Winter Scenes from the MHS Archives