Student-MadeFeb 24, 2021

updated Aug 4, 2021

Your fortune is arriving

Celebrating the Year of the Ox

In celebration of Lunar New Year in February 2021, the International Student Alliance (ISA) commissioned videos on how to make tasty treats that families in Vietnam, South Korea, and China enjoy during the holiday.

Enjoy Vietnamese spring rolls from Linh ’21 and Trúc ’22; Korean Rice Cake Soup from Jiho ’21; and Chinese Rice Dumplings from Shirley ’23!

February 11, 2021, was New Year’s Eve in countries celebrating the Lunar New Year, and ISA members created calligraphy to decorate the Book Locker Room (and doors throughout campus!).

One Chinese character, Fu (below), meaning “fortune,” is upside down, and has the same pronunciation as arriving,” so when someone says, “Your Fu is upside down,” it can be translated as, “Your fortune is arriving!” After 2020, we can hope!