Life at Miss Hall’sMar 2, 2021

updated Aug 4, 2021

Performances ’round the world

ISA virtual event spotlights talents and cultures of MHS students

The International Student Alliance (ISA) did its part to liven up the winter months, hosting a Feburary 24, 2021, virtual performance featuring students from around the world.

About two dozen students contributed dance, poetry, and songs, complete with a few surprise guest appearances by alums. There were performances from Somaliland, China, Ireland, South Korea, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, and Brazil.

Thank you to our international community for sharing parts of your culture with all of us!

Let the show begin!

Muhiim ’21 kicked off the event with a traditional dance from Somaliland — featuring a couple of familiar faces! The dance, Muhiim explained, is performed in nearly every Somali festive celebration and was inspired by the camel, mimicking the animal’s actions.

Belle ’23 followed by performing a Peking Opera piece, complete with showing how she applies makeup and elaborate headdresses for the performance. Although Belle considers herself an amateur, she loves Peking Opera, because it has a long history and is a unique art in China.

Kate ’21 and Lucy ’23 kept the event moving right along with two Irish step dances. Kate’s family has a lot of Irish heritage and Irish step is a way for her to feel connected to that part of herself. Lucy enjoys competing in competitions, dancing with friends, and performing for the Pittsfield community at St. Patrick's Day events.

Dorit ’21, from China, and Jiho ’21, from South Korea, offered a duet performance under the pseudonym Donut & Jelly. Their performance is titled a Chinese-Korean medley and consists of the highlights of six songs. One note: The song “Pretty Savage” includes a word that sounds like the B word in English. It is, however, the word for “light” in Korean.

Kidist ’22 then played a Tigrigna song on the piano. The song is called Sikay Zekal Eyu, by Bahta Gebrehiwot. Kidist grew up listening to this song because of her parents, and it’s the first Tigrigna song she has learned how to play on the piano.

Linh ’21, Phuong ’21, Anna ’22, Alice ’23, Hannie ’22, Thi ’22, Vy ’23, and Truc ’22 then performed a Vietnamese New Year song, Ngay Xuan Long Phung Sum Vay, about wishing people a good new year full of luck and happiness. It is played by Vietnamese all over the world during the Lunar New Year.

Neda ’22 recited the Bulgarian poem “Vyara,” or “Faith,” by Nikola Vaptsarov. Neda chose this poem because of its inspirational words about faith and living.

Fer ’23 and Isa ’22 sang a Brazilian song, Villamix Suave, about making life the best it can be and not focusing on life’s little imperfections. Explained Fer, “It inspires us and reminds us that even though everyone goes through tough times, we have to push the negativity aside and focus on the good things in life.”

Kathleen ’22 and Phuong ’22 closed the event with their cover of the Vietnamese song, "Đi Về Nhà," which means “Going Home.” Kathleen and Phuong haven't been back to Vietnam since January 2020, due to COVID, so the song holds special significance to them.

Thank you to ISA, all of our performance, and to Ms. Kalischer for the joyful and connected performances honoring our global community. We hope you enjoyed the show!