Life at Miss Hall’sMay 5, 2021

updated May 5, 2021

Celebrating our global community

ISA Culture Fair goes virtual

MHS students come from more than 20 countries around the globe and love sharing parts of their culture with the community.

The annual Culture Fair, hosted by the International Student Alliance (ISA), provides an opportunity to do just that! An annual MHS favorite, the event offers a glimpse into the different cultures represented at MHS.

This year’s Culture Fair— held virtually! — features eight interactive workshops and several videos, which run the gamut, from lessons on how to make an egg baked cake to a sampling of traditional LatinX dress.

Thank you to ISA and Ms. Kalischer for organizing this fun and educational programming!

Watch videos from this year's Culture Fair!

Dance a merengue!

Señora Velez shared some of her Latin heritage, dancing a traditional Dominican merengue with her daughter Erika.

Make zonghi!

Shirley ’23 shows us how to make zonghi, a traditional food for the Dragon Boat Festival in China.

Hanoi food tour!

Linh ’21 and Truc ’22 take us on a food tour in Hanoi.

Traditional dress!

Alessandra ’21, Welmerly ’24, Bethania ’23, Viola ’23, and Gabby ’21 share traditional dress from Panama, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and Colombia.

Learn how to make an egg baked cake!

Sunny ’23 shows us how to make egg baked cake!

Make arroz con grandules!

Viola ’23 shows us how to make Puerto Rico's national dish.