Equity & InclusionApr 1, 2020

Teaching community from home

Students led cultural workshops from their homes this spring, helping others in the Miss Hall’s community learn about music, writing, and traditions from around the world

The International Student Alliance (ISA) — comprised of international and domestic students — plans cultural activities and programs throughout the year that enrich the MHS community. 

Each spring, the ISA puts on the Culture Fair, where students offer workshops about important aspects of their cultures; participants learn how to speak in different languages, or learn about music, dances, traditional clothing, folk tales, poetry, and food.

This year, because we cannot be together, participating students submitted videos sharing special aspects of their culture. 

Truc ’22 Plays the Dan tranh

Dan tranh is a plucked zitherA zither is an instrument consisting of strings stretched across a thin, flat body of Vietnam, similar to the Chinese guzheng, the Japanese koto, the Korean kayagum, the Mongolian yatga, and the Sundanese kacapi. It has a long soundbox with the steel strings, movable bridges, and tuning pegs positioned on its top. Dan tranh can be used either as a solo instrument, as part of various instrumental ensembles or to accompany vocal performances.

Let’s Bake with Clara ’22

Hi, I'm Clara ’22. I'm from Germany. I was raised bilingual. My mother’s language is Portuguese. Personally, I feel 60% Portuguese.

I chose this Portuguese tart recipe, Tarte Deliciosa, because it represents the Portuguese culture and our love for sweets.

The basic ingredients of most Portuguese desserts are sugar, almonds, and eggs. It is amazing how many desserts you can make with only these three ingredients. Eating a small piece of such a treat here in Germany or anywhere else makes me feel like being at “home.” I can't avoid smiling! Please enjoy my recipe video.

Korean Folklore with Jiho ’21

Jiho ’21, was born and raised in South Korea.

Jiho is sharing a video that combines narration of the Korean folktale “Toad Groom” (Duggeobi Shinlang), translation as subtitles, and animated and non-animated visual supplements.

Jiho did a bit of voice acting and added a few sound effects to breathe life into the story, thereby hopefully providing a fun, immersive experience for the audience. Enjoy!

Let’s Learn Ghanaian Games

Celcie ’21 and Cailyn ’22 play three Ghanian games: 2-4-6-1-1, Ampe, and Oware.

Games are an important part of Ghanaian culture as a way to bond with your family and friends. Our uncle taught us how to play Oware, and our mom used to play these games when she was a child. Kids and families all over Ghana play these games together.