Life at Miss Hall’sApr 22, 2020

Happy Birthday, Mira Hall!

In honor of our founder’s 157th birthday on April 21, Head of School Julia Heaton asked participants to reflect on what they miss most not being on campus

Every April 21, the MHS community takes time to honor its founder, the indefatigable Mira Hinsdale Hall.

Born in Le Roy, New York, in 1863, Miss Hall graduated from Smith College in 1883, the youngest member of her class. In 1898, she purchased a school from Miss Mary Salisbury and moved it in 1908 to its current campus.

Miss Hall's talent, vision, and hard work served her well, and Miss Hall's School became a nationally recognized college-preparatory school for girls. In June, 1933, upon the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of her college graduation, Miss Hall Miss Hall herself was recognized for her contributions to all-girl education when she was given the Honorary Degree of L.H.D. from Smith College.

Miss Hall led her school with distinction for forty years, until her sudden passing on August 25, 1937, in York Harbor, Maine. Her spirit lives on, however, in her school’s mission and core values, and MHS students and adults enjoy strawberries and ice cream every year on her birthday in tribute.

This year, because of the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, and with the School shifting to distance learning for April and May, most students and faculty were off campus for Miss Hall’s birthday. Instead, Head of School Julia Heaton asked everyone to reflect on what they miss most not being on campus.

Here’s what they shared —

  • The students!
  • My friends.
  • Being in class with real-life people and hanging out with them after school.
  • I miss being able to actually see my students and talk to them in person. I also miss seeing my friends/colleagues and being able to just go to them if I have a question or just want to talk and know that they are free at the same time. I miss the other faculty that usually have breakfast at the same time that I do and have my morning start off with a good conversation between all of us. It's a lot harder to have spontaneous talks with everyone when Zoom meetings either need to be scheduled and/or physically started.
  • I miss the community! All the students and staffulty are so friendly and personable. I really miss being with everyone and being able to check-in and say hello in person.
  • All the different energies each individual person brought to the school.
  • People! I'm here every day, but the energy that comes from having 300 people here is missing.
  • The people! And weekend activities.
  • What I miss most about Miss Hall's is saying hi to everyone in the hallways and all of the positive energy everywhere.
  • I miss walking into the art studio and seeing the room full of students making art, listening to music, and hanging out.
  • The laughter and the girls in the Sun Room. Buddy and Bleu.
  • The Laughter in the Halls!
  • My friends and teachers.
  • I miss my teachers and friends at school.
  • I am here on campus, and I miss all of the people! I miss the noise in the stairwell in between classes, late-night check-in in the Main Building, weekend trips to Ayelada, Community Meeting presentations, all of the TikTok-ing...the list goes on...
  • I miss the small moments — passing a student, colleague, staff member, their children, and cute animals. I miss passing someone in the hall and seeing a smile, a smirk, a silent, knowing moment. I miss being able to "be there" for the people I care about in the community, whether it's during a challenging time or a celebration of success. I miss the theater and the energy and passion it feeds me from all the past Ensemble and Drama class members.
  • Seeing everyone in real life!
  • I miss the chaos that was my office/OD office throughout the day. I really looked forward to and thoroughly enjoyed the random drop-ins, the quick hellos, and short visits that would last for entire class blocks or more! Working with the students was the highlight of each and every day, and I truly miss it.