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updated Nov 13, 2023

Fall Play a Hit!

The Misanthrope receives rave reviews

(Izzy Aponte ’26 and Lu Hoyes-Gbewonyo ’26)

Three cheers for the cast and crew of The Misanthrope, which played to rave reviews November 11-13 at MHS.

The MHS Theater Ensemble’s modern adaptation of this 17th century comedy of errors by the French playwright Molière was a hit across the board.

In this adaptation — a reality show set on board The Misanthrope — Alceste struggles with the hypocrisy of humankind while navigating the wavy waters of his relationship with Célimène, who seems to be flirting with every man who pays her attention.

The MHS production featured Assia Rassulkyzy ’25 as the protagonist Alceste, Iva Knezevic ’24 as Célimène, the object of Alceste’s — and others’ — affections, Lilith Ladouceur-Murray ’26 as Alceste’s friend Philinte, and Emilie Coziol-Desy ’25 as Éliante, Célimène’s cousin and love interest of Philinte.

The production also starred Tati Kheyfets ’23 as Oronte, who is suing Alceste and also pursuing Célimène, and Inyene Bell ’25 and EA Peña ’25 as Acaste and Clitandre, two additional Célimène suitors. The cast included Sutra Chakma ’24 as Arsinoé, a moralistic older woman pursuing Alceste, Lizzy Jutras ’26 as Basque, Célimène’s production assistant manservant, and Cam Church ’25 as Du Bois, Alceste’s butler and bartender.

The play’s technical crew included Stage Managers Grey Carmel ’23, Molly Casey ’24, and Maddie Tillem ’24, while Shirley Dong ’23, Izzy Aponte ’26, Mackenzie Ennis ’24, and Carrie Zhou ’24 assisted with costumes, props, sound design, and gallery design.

The show was directed by Jennifer Jordan, MHS Director of Theater and Dance.

Well done, all!!

The Misanthrope

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