School NewsJun 10, 2021

updated Aug 9, 2021

Modeling Vision, Voice, Interpersonal Efficacy & Gumption

MHS Core Competencies Personified

Presented annually at Commencement, the Core Competency leadership awards recognize Miss Hall’s graduates who are outstanding examples of the School’s four core competencies — Vision, Voice, Interpersonal Efficacy, and Gumption.

The tenets of these competencies, together with the MHS Core Values of Honor, Respect, Authenticity, and Growth, embody the School’s motto, Meus Honor Stat — “My Honor Stands” — and recipients of the awards receive a Meus Honor Stat Key.

Congratulations to the 2021 recipients spotlighted here.

The​ Vision Award​ honors a student who has demonstrated the ability to nurture curiosity, innovate, recognize opportunities, and act as an ally for others. The 2021 Meus Honor Stat Key for Vision was presented to:

Alessandra ’21 — During her four years at MHS, Alessandra developed her own voice in and out of the classroom. In the words of her Humanities teacher, she showed “long-term vision for her project about the historical sterilization of Puerto Rican women.” She began the tradition of LatinX Heritage Month at MHS, using her voice to honor the diverse cultures and identities in our community.

The​ Voice Award ​honors a student who has demonstrated the ability to present herself with integrity, communicate effectively, confidently advocate and negotiate, and demonstrate and command respect.​ The 2021 Meus Honor Stat Key for Voice was presented to:

Diana ’21 — During her time at MHS, Diana used her voice in many ways both on and beyond the campus. In the words of her advisor, “Diana has taken full advantage of everything that an MHS experience has offered and has been an ambassador for the institution,” whether as a panelist at the UN Women in Science event or by leading the first-ever TedXYouth@MHS.

The​ Interpersonal Efficacy Award​ honors a student who has demonstrated the ability to navigate diverse contexts with ease while maintaining consistency of character and building strong relationships and networks.​ The 2021 Meus Honor Stat Key for Interpersonal Efficacy was presented to:

Hannah ’21 — A faculty member describes Hannah as “a connector, an encourager, and a ‘bridger’ who connects many people, students, and adults in different circumstances.” We have all witnessed these interpersonal skills come to bear in her community engagement, her artwork, her acting, and in her leadership as the 2020-21 School President.

The​ Gumption Award​ honors a student who has demonstrated the ability to take calculated risks to create change, to practice self-reflection, and to distinguish the pursuit of one’s best self from the pressure for perfection. The 2021 Meus Honor Stat Key for Gumption was presented to:

Jiho ’21 — In the words of a teacher, “Jiho has been an exceptional learner throughout her time at MHS.” This year, she faced the challenges of navigating remote school from a great distance and a time zone 13 hours ahead. Nevertheless, she remained dedicated to academics, active in the arts, consistent in her leadership, and deeply connected to the MHS community.