AthleticsJul 3, 2019

A field’s mettle

A new NCAA-compliant field shoots Miss Hall’s forward in athletics

Saturday, May 4th, was a great day for Miss Hall’s School. Members of the Class of ’57 joined in a community-wide celebration that included the ribbon cutting for a new, natural grass, NCAA soccer and lacrosse field named for the class.

“Studies show that playing competitive sports in high school and college builds confidence and self-esteem in girls and women,” remarked Head of School Julia Heaton. “That’s why all MHS students participate in at least one team sport and one recreational athletic activity each year — and why this field is so important. Athletics empower young women to try, to fail gloriously, and to win.”

Varsity lacrosse players, members of the Class of ’57 and Head of School Julia Heaton cut the ribbon on the new Class of ’57 Field. May 4, 2019

I have played varsity soccer, varsity basketball, and varsity lacrosse at MHS for the past four years, and I’ve seen the impact that sports can have on our lives.

This landscape-changing project literally leveled the playing field for MHS athletes, who now practice and play on a pitch that’s on par with those of their competitors. As members of NEPSAC, the New England Preparatory School Athletic Council, the Hurricanes compete primarily against Class C and Class B schools from across southern New England.

By meeting NCAA requirements, the dimensions of the field not only shape the experiences of MHS student-athletes while they compete for the Hurricanes, they better prepare students who intend to compete in collegiate athletics. And, by playing on an NCAA-regulation field, student-athletes at MHS now have first-hand experience with how a field can change a game.

But the Class of ’57 Field is a place for more than just competition. It is also a place that will hold memories and shared experiences, and another space in which student-athletes can test their strengths, improve on their weaknesses, and develop friendships that will last a lifetime.

The O’Day Softball FieldNamed for the family of Trustee Susan P. O’Day ’77, former President of the Board, built in 2012 next to the Class of ’57 Field, also meets NCAA specifications, giving MHS athletes two top-quality playing surfaces on which to pursue their competitive passions. Add in the multipurpose Anne Meyer Cross ’37 Athletic Center, home to our volleyball and basketball teams, and MHS athletes enjoy some of the finest facilities in their leagues.