Life at Miss Hall’sDec 13, 2021

updated Mar 28, 2023

Civitas Award Presented to Truc ’22

Civitas Awards are presented to outstanding members of the MHS community.

The MHS Civitas Awards are presented four times each year by the Miss Hall’s School Student Council in recognition of distinguished student work throughout all areas of school and student life, including academics, athletics, expressive arts, and leadership. Recipients, who are nominated for the award by their classmates, must also be good citizens and possess the qualities of kindness and generosity.

Congratulations to School Vice President Truc ’22, who is the recipient of the May Civitas award.

Truc was nominated by Anna ’22, Thi ’22, Alice ’23, Vy ’23, Rebecca’22, Aba ’22, Cailyn ’22, Fernanda ’23, and Sam D. ’22, who cited her warmth, kindness, reliability, and hard work as a Big, classmate, mentor, and friend. Excellent choice!

Civitas recipients are recognized at Community Meeting, where their nominations are read, and they receive an MHS charm bearing the month and year they received the award.

Congratulations, Truc!

February 2022 — Aurora ’23

Aurora ’23 is the recipient of the February Civitas award.

Aurora was nominated by Ivy ’25, Julia ’25, Henrike ’24, Katie ’23, Fernanda ’23, Yuki ’22, Samantha ’22, Jo ’22, Milie ’22, and Emily ’22, who cited her genuine friendship, natural empathy, consistently sound advice, infectious smile, and perfect combination of humor and wisdom.

Congratulations, Aurora!

December 2021 — Phuong ’22

The recipient of this year’s first Civitas Award is Phuong ’22, who was nominated by Kathryn ’22, Henrike ’24, Fer ’23, Kathleen ’22, Kelly ’22, Ina ’24, and Lily ’24, who cited her friendship, support, approachability, sound advice, and “always being there” for them.

Congratulations, Phuong!