HorizonsApr 15, 2020

updated Jun 24, 2021

Bringing life to local history

Emerald Power

Wendy ’20 interned with the Berkshire County Historical Society. One of her projects this year was helping the historical society develop its exhibit, “Getting to Yes: Women’s Suffrage in the Berkshires and Beyond,” celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage.

John Dickson, Berkshire County Historical Society Board Member and Volunteer, and Wendy’s Site Supervisor:

“Wendy selected anecdotes for the exhibit panels telling the story of events, places, and people of importance or who had a role in the Berkshires of moving toward women’s suffrage. I worked with her to find and tell the stories, because people like stories more than facts and dates. It was a wonderful experience. People my age, our social life centers around people our age, and we often have so little contact with younger people, particularly in the Berkshires. In general, we all benefit from contact with other generations, and it’s inspiring to see the talent of these young Miss Hall’s women. Wendy is very conscientious, is a quick worker, and really has a lot to offer.”