Life at Miss Hall’sSep 24, 2021

updated Oct 8, 2021

Newcomers from 17 Countries Sign On!

Welcome, artists and athletes, actors and activists

(Amy Inglis ’08 - Avida Love Photography)

Seventy-two new students (including a few who could not make it to campus last year) officially joined the MHS community on Friday, signing the Book of the School and adding their names to generations of students who have come before.

This year’s book-signing, a beloved fall tradition, was held in the Anne Meyer Cross ’37 Athletic Center’s Thatcher Family Gymnasium to accommodate social distancing. Head of School Julia Heaton P’24 opened the ceremony by explaining the history and significance of the Book of the School, which contains the name of every student who has attended Miss Hall’s since 1900.

(Amy Inglis ’08 - Avida Love Photography)

“When you sign your name in the Book of School, you are showing your commitment to the School’s core values — respect, honor, authenticity, and growth,” Ms. Heaton noted. “You become part of the School’s history, present, and future.”

On the eve of graduation, Ms. Heaton continued, seniors return to the book to place a stamp by their name and make the transition from student to alum, signifying that as students they lived by the School’s values, completed the work they set out to do, and made themselves and the School stronger in the process.

“New students, we warmly welcome you today into a community that spans oceans and continents and 123 years of history and tradition,” Ms. Heaton added. “Together with everyone in this room, you will help to write the next chapter in the story of Miss Hall’s School. We don’t know what the future will hold, but I can assure you that MHS will have an impact on you, and you will leave your mark on MHS.”

Class Coordinators Kim Boland ’94 (seniors), Emerald Power (juniors), Liza Burbank (sophomores), and Richard Scullin (ninth-graders) then introduced each of the new students and their “Bigs” offered a fun fact about them as they signed the book.

This year’s newcomers hail from 17 countries and 10 U.S. states! They include actors and artists, athletes and social justice advocates. Among their interests: bowling, skiing, poetry, music, dance, photography, skateboarding, community service, chemistry, cooking, and more. Their talents are many and their interests varied, and we look forward to the many contributions they will make to school life.

Welcome to MHS, new students!

Signing the Book of the School