Student-MadeJan 15, 2021

updated Aug 10, 2021

Black Representation

Stunning portraits by Kidist Mekonen Fesseha ’22

(Kidist Mekonen Fesseha ’22)

Since coming to the United States in 2019, Kidist Mekonen Fesseha ’22 has been surprised by the lack of diverse representation in the media and the photography she has seen. So... she did something about it.

Kidist photographed thirteen models — twelve Miss Hall’s students and MHS Dean of Equity and Inclusion Paula Lima Jones — for her photography exhibit “Black Representation.” The stunning portraits, which measure 20 inches by 30 inches, were displayed in the Front Hall of the Main Building.

Black Representation

Portraits taken by Kidist Mekonen Fesseha ’22 — “I wanted to do a photo shoot that centered around Black members of our community I wanted to challenge myself and have a photo shoot with a good meaning behind it. I enjoyed the process the most — connecting with my models and seeing how excited they were when they saw how the pictures turned out.”


Long interested in photography, Kidist hadn’t had a chance to pursue the interest until she arrived at MHS as a sophomore for the 2019-20 school year and started taking photography.

“I like observing my surroundings, and photography is my way of capturing and appreciating what is around me,” says Kidist, who was pleased with the way “Black Representation” turned out. “I hope the community members see my pictures and take away the understanding that representation and inclusiveness matter.”

Duly noted, Kidist!