AlumnaeMar 2, 2021

updated Apr 26, 2021

Second Tuesday: Trailblazing in Sport and Life

Renee Powell is the first woman to compete in a men’s golf tournament and the second African-American woman ever to play on the LPGA Tour

(Courtesy of ASGCA)

On Tuesday, April 13, we were treated to an inspiring Second Tuesday: Breaking Barriers, featuring golf legend Renee Powell In conversation with Miss Hall’s Trustee Susan P. O’Day ’77, recently retired CIO of Disney, about trailblazing in sport and life.

More than 60 MHS students, alumnae, faculty, staff, coaches, and athletes had the opportunity to talk with Ms. Powell who is the first woman to compete in a men's golf tournament and the second African-American woman ever to play on the LPGA Tour. Renee is the daughter of golf course entrepreneur Bill Powell, who designed the first integrated golf club in America. This year, the Clearview Golf Course celebrates its 75th anniversary.

During the Zoom discussion, Renee invited MHS friends and family into her incredible world of firsts. “I didn’t try to be the first,” she said. “I just follow my passion—it’s what all we must do.”

Moved by Renee’s story and drive, Susan peppered her with questions about her extraordinary upbringing, the discrimination she has faced, the courage to master one’s craft, and the important work Renee does mentoring girls and women through the Clearview Legacy Foundation. Her positivity was both uplifting and contagious.

Thank you to Zoe Bogan, MHS Trustee Reggie Canal P’21, and the Lily Auchincloss Foundation for making this magical evening possible.

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Everyone deserves a chance to play the game.

Susan O’Day ’77, pictured at the center of these MHS golfers, led our conversation.

Second Tuesday programs at MHS are underwritten with love from the Lily Auchincloss Foundation.

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