Alumnae Weekend, May 14-16, 2021

An historic double reunion of alumnae in classes ending in 0, 1, 5, & 6 -- our boldest-ever celebration of friendship, sisterhood, and togetherness.

Fingers crossed for an alumnae gathering the likes of which we have never seen! We hope (and are planning) to double-down this year, bringing together alumnae from classes who were not able to return to campus in 2020 as well as those in the regular reunion cycle in 2021. It will be a great opportunity for alumnae from contiguous classes to reconnect.

If we are unable to gather in-person, we will reimagine Alumnae Weekend 2021 in exciting new ways. Stay tuned!

Schedule of Events

In an ideal world, events will begin on campus Friday at 2:00 p.m. and conclude at noon on Sunday and include:

  • Friday, May 14: Class visits, Welcome Home Reception with Faculty & Staff, Performance by MHS Theater Ensemble, Celebratory dinner, Bonfire
  • Saturday, May 15: STEM Roundtable & tour of Linn Hall, Arts Interactive with students & faculty, Recognition luncheon with Alumnae Awards, Class Photos, Social Justice Spotlight
    Brew & Gold Spirit Tent, Class of 1960 Outdoor Gallery Dedication, Cocktails, Heritage Society Induction, Off-campus class dinners
  • Sunday, May 16: Alumnae & Family Farewell Brunch, Service of Remembrance

Breaking News

Two members of the Miss Hall’s Board of Trustees are stretching themselves to issue a special, double-reunion challenge: if graduates from all reuniting years — classes ending in 0, 1, 5, and 6  collectively raise $1 million before Alumnae Weekend (May 14–16, 2021), their donations will be matched with another $1 million.

  • We are aiming for 100% support across the generations.
  • Classes and individuals who give will be recognized with a plaque on the MHS campus.
  • Appreciating the complexities of this moment, every dollar counts.
  • Banding together, we can solve for now and unlock the future!

Stretch yourself, double the impact of your gift, and help break a fundraising record at MHS! 🙌

Reunion Chairs

We are stronger together! Please reach out to Lynelle Weaver if you would like to help rally your class for next May.

Terry Bryant Law
Kitty Ladd Ward

Sally Gooch Paynter

Joan Kopperl
Cris Raymond
Patsy Manley Smith
Donna Straat

Keye Hollister
Sandra Roe Smith
Holly Howard Stover
Madeleine Emery White

Sally Brooke
Robin Ketchum
Nancy Gould Pinkernell
Nancy Parshall Stewart

Alice Butler Burnham
Nancy Fitzpatrick
Paula Loud
Nan Brewster Paternotte

Patricia Thatcher

Deetsie Collins Bradford
Stair Calhoun
Anne Peterson Conolly
Lynne Eckhart
Sallie Gierke
Carol Goodman Kaufman
Sally Stutz
Mary E. Wilcox

Renee Rutkowski Junewicz
Jennifer Perkins Speers
Sarah Richardson Straley

Mimi Dolph Adkins
Anne Fickling Brainard
Veronique de la Bruyere

Ann Schwartz Unitas

Paulette Zoidis Barter
Kate Bussey
Annette Pankey

Robin Zeig Greenwood
Weesa Burke Hild
April Williams Jackson
Diana Kew McIntosh
Hillary Polednik
Bettina Salz-Forssman
Kristin Hewes Smith

Gaby Evers
Jennifer Wadman Hudson
Stephanie Lawlor Kadnar
Stacy Kirk
Ingrid Royle Maclean
Lieve Saether

Jennifer Cabot Breslin
Julie Ix Genovese
Pam Livingston Halferty
Heather Rowan
Leslie Harmetz Schwartz
Cara Ferry Slattery
Lynne Somerville
Yiyan Zhou

Lee Carbonelli
Jill Mezzacappa
Farrah Schubmehl

Jennifer Zukowski Dansereau
Diana Fogliano
Kristin Meyers Franz
Sophia Lee Lane
Emily Olson

Jordan Keay
Sushil Sinha
Caitlin Whitehead

Emmy Goldin
Kerry Moore
Jessica Nadeau Tomov
Sarah Whiting Wilson

Katie Grace Deane
Adrienne Lazes
Kaitlyn Opsitnick

Melissa Fares
Lyssa Goodrich
Anna Peters

Julia Bianchi

We can't wait to celebrate with you in May!