Life at Miss Hall’sLearning and leadership

Have an idea? Let’s make it happen!!!!!!!!

The opportunities for you to share your voice or build something new are practically limitless

Leadership takes many forms at Miss Hall’s. Whether you’re a planner or performer, an ambassador or an activist, you’ll play a big part in helping to shape Miss Hall’s during your time here.


There are nearly three dozen student-led coalitions, clubs, groups, ensembles, and publications through which you can build your passions, try out a new interest, test the reins of leadership, and energize the school community. And of course, if there’s a club you want that doesn’t yet exist, you can always start one!

Our list of clubs changes every year, but there are three permanent coalitions that help foster inclusion and equity: Essence, the International Student Alliance, and Spectrum. You can learn more about these on our diversity, equity, and inclusion page.

Your voice matters

The results of student leadership are evident throughout the School. Trudy ’19 translated her experience in Horizons into a sustainability proposal and brought composting to Miss Hall’s, while Vivian ’18 led the charge to get solar panels installed on campus.

Beyond formal leadership opportunities, students are routinely involved in larger conversations about the School. They were involved in the design of our most recent academic building, the creation of our school’s strategic plan, and the development of this website. Even some of our signature courses, like the new Hallmark Theater Intensive, have come about because of student requests.

What is the Miss Hall’s Magic?

It’s a feeling. It’s an ethos. It’s what happens when 200 students from 24 countries learn and live together with adults who challenge them, encourage them, and applaud them when they do great things.


The Miss Hall’s Magic

It’s connection, it’s community, it’s opportunity. It’s lifelong friends. It’s singing “Happy Birthday” at Community Meeting. It’s taking a big idea from start to finish or doing a small part to contribute to the greater good. It’s happy, connected, empowered students — like Honey ’24 — who can explain it better than we can!

Honey ’24