Personalized learning, personalized tuition

Our students love feeling so connected. Our families love how affordable it can be.

(Kidist Mekonen Fesseha ’22)
(Emily Lombardi ’22)

At Miss Hall’s, we have built a flexible curriculum that adapts constantly to our students’ passions — they will be engaged like never before.

An English seminar had a number of students interested in theater, so they pivoted to reading scripts. Several girls in a Latin course wanted to know more about science, so the class tackled ancient texts related to bodies and medicine. A student in a coding class missed food from her own country, so she programmed a recipe app to share with the community.

Here, each girl follows her passions — and every teacher knows what those passions are.

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Everyone belongs here

We are defined by our community and our relationships — at Miss Hall’s, everyone belongs. No one falls through the cracks here. Whether it’s a student’s “Big” surprising her with cupcakes on her birthday, a chemistry teacher attending her piano recital, or Ginger saving her favorite snack down in the School Store — well, let’s just say that she’ll never feel more known than when she’s at Miss Hall’s.

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At Miss Hall’s, even the tuition is personalized.

Miss Hall’s is not a community of “haves” and “have-nots,” of full pay families and families on financial aid. Just as our educational program is personalized to each child, so too is our tuition personalized to each family.

Try out our tuition calculator below — and have your families visit to see for themselves how affordable a Miss Hall’s experience can be!

Include all income, regardless of source (W2, 1099, disability, child support, etc.)
Include all physical and liquid assets, except automobiles and 529 plans; subtract non-consumer debts over $10,000
Include all people who live in your household full time, regardless of their relationship to the student
Include anyone for whom you will pay a tuition next fall (including the applicant), first grade through undergraduate college

We choose to act

At Miss Hall’s, girls will live with, learn from, and befriend peers from around the globe — working together to contribute boldly and creatively to the common good. Our students are passionate activists, whether it’s by speaking at United Nations (as Diana ’21 did this past winter), developing public health apps and infographics, or advocating to change the world.

Learn more about equity and inclusion

Hear from our students

And get a sense of the joy and connection felt around our community.

Let’s talk

The best way to learn more about Miss Hall’s is to reach out to us directly — — we’ll answer any questions you have, and when you’re ready, put your families in touch with our current students and teachers to hear directly from them about the Miss Hall’s experience.