MHS Voices: I Love the Community I've Created Here

by Kat Sirois '20

My name is Kat, and this is my fourth year at Miss Hall’s. As an underclasswoman, I used to think to myself, “Wow, I can’t wait until I’m a senior; then I’ll be almost done with high school.” As a current senior, that’s certainly not how I feel. I love the community I’ve created here.
I have my best friends who stick by me no matter what. I can spend endless amounts of time with them and I trust them with my life, which is not something that every high-schooler can brag about. I attribute these best friendships to the culture and core values that Miss Hall’s has created within me. Our inclusive community allows our students to trust, love, and be passionate without hesitation. 

That’s something I really see as a senior; not just in myself but in everyone around me. Furthermore, these values have been adopted by others in the community. This allows me to be my authentic self, because I trust and respect everyone in the community, and they respect me too. I love and trust even people who I’m not best friends with. I really value how I have a family here, especially since I can't see my real family every day.

Another incredibly important connection I’ve made is with my teachers. I am appreciative of the faculty here at Miss Hall’s, and I’m going to miss so many of them. The importance of having a trustworthy teacher raises significantly when one goes to a school like Miss Hall’s where there is such a great level of independence. If you don’t have a parent right there to help with issues, major or minor, you need someone who is always available for you. I’m so glad I found that person in my advisor. My suggestion to underclasswomen: find that person early on in your Miss Hall’s career. Advisors can be incredible because they are like parents who also know the school. Find the right one for you, stick with them, and make as many connections as possible.

If I could go back to "freshman year Kat" and tell her anything, I would tell her to go to more weekend events. Freshman year, I used to go to Walmart, then hang out at school for the rest of the weekend. This suits some people, but going to other weekend events is so enlightening! Whether it’s a movie on campus with other members of the community, a local trip that helps you get to know Pittsfield, or going on a trip to another school to meet and hang out with new people, these are the connections that make Miss Hall’s important. 

When I first visited Miss Hall’s as a seventh grader, I immediately decided that it was the right place for me. To this day, I’m still not quite sure how I knew so definitively that it was “the place." It was one of those “gut feeling” situations. I loved how everyone knew everyone, and how everyone smiled at each other in the halls. The community we have here is what drew me in, and it’s the community that makes me never want to leave.
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