Cool Notes from the Classroom: We Study Mummies!

by Keren Skeete '21

I take Bioarchaeology class, and we recently did a project on mummies. We were split into groups of three and assigned a certain region of the world where there were mummies.

The choices were Peru (Inca), Spain, Italy, or China (our class decided not to do Egyptian mummies, as they are more well-known). My group was assigned Chinese mummies. One of the things we discovered from doing this research project was that a lot of the Chinese mummies were buried with figurines and artifacts from their life at that time, like maps, woven fabrics, instruments, and even food. What I loved about this project was that I was able to learn how archaeologists find out information based on the type of mummification. Also, I loved collaborating with my classmates, doing our own research, and putting together a poster about what we learned from the resources we found.

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