5 Reasons We Love Being Boarders

by Neylan Johnson '22 and Ruby McDonald '22
One of the great things about being a boarding student is that you are able to develop close connections quickly. Check out our favorite things about being boarders!

1. As a boarder, it is easy to create meaningful connections, whether that is by working with my peers during Study Hall, or going on a trip with my friends on the weekends. Also, I always have my personal team by my side. My big sister, proctors, hall parent and advisor are all here to support me whenever needed. So I am sure that there will be no shortage of people who want to help you make the most of your experience here!

2. Study Hall as a boarder is very helpful. I have access to teachers who are on campus and I can collaborate with other students in the same class as me. There are also several places on campus students can study. After freshman year students have the opportunity to work in classrooms, private study rooms in Linn Hall, the library, and even in your own room. Miss Hall’s also provides extra help with the Math and Writing Centers, where experienced peer tutors and faculty assist students with their work. 

3. There are always really fun events on the weekends. Every weekend, the school’s Social Committee organizes trips you can sign up for, including going to Walmart, school hangouts, sports games, Six Flags, the movies and ice cream shops. Some of my favorite things to do are watching movies in the Student Center and going to the cooking classes that faculty and students provide here. I even learned how to make pan de muertos, a delicious sugary bread, eaten during the Day of the Dead celebrations. 

4. One of the perks of being a boarder is having my own dorm room! At the beginning of the year it is so exciting to decorate your room and make it personalized to you. My favorite part is putting up pictures of family and friends and decorating my desk. I also love having a roommate. She is always there for me and I can talk to her about anything. Having a roommate also prepares me for college and for sharing a space. 

5. Being a boarder prepares you for the responsibilities that are to come. You are responsible for making many of your own decisions, but you also have the help of dorm parents, proctors, friends, and your personal team to guide you.  

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