MHS Voices: 5 Reasons to Check Out our Ceramics Studio

by Calla Gong '21

I love the arts courses at MHS - especially ceramics! Here are 5 great reasons to visit the ceramics studio:

1. Meet MHS students who take Ceramics I, II, and III, Independent Art, and 3-D Art

In the ceramics studio, we often have students of different skill levels in one class period sharing their ideas and helping each other out. Therefore, you will get to talk to students who are at various stages in the process of becoming a skillful artist in ceramics!

2. Get your questions answered by Mr. Grosenbeck

Mr. G is our skillful and experienced ceramics teacher. You will have a chance to talk to him about your artistic aspirations and become better acquainted with the expressive arts department at MHS. He is at the studio most of the time and welcomes students of various artistic backgrounds to the studio!

3. Explore different clay materials, tools, and glaze

You are welcome to get a hands-on experience at our ceramics studio. We have so many types of clay in the studio that you can use, such as porcelain and red clay. You will also be exposed to all the tools that can help you create different textures, and have access to more than thirty different colors of underglaze and overglaze. So come on down and experiment with our materials!

4. Check out all the artwork of our students!

You will be able to see the artwork that was done by students at MHS displayed around the studio. Students have made a variety of different art, such as teapots, human sculptures, hand-building arts, and so on. I’m always inspired by my peers’ creativity and thoughtful masterpieces!

5. Check out all your possibilities in ceramics 

By visiting the MHS ceramics studio, you will get to see how you can grow from having zero experience in ceramics to becoming an expert and how your cultural backgrounds and personality can be shown in your work. Hope to see you soon in the ceramics studio!

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