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Early Admission results are arrive mid-December. They are usually released online through the college's student portals, and students are notified through email. Below is an overview of what results mean, and some excellent articles that provide context behind the admissions decisions and how to deal with this exciting, yet nerve-wracking time.

What different early results mean:
Accepted - Time to celebrate! If it's an Early Decision school, follow instructions for paying your deposit. If it's an Early Action school, double-check if you can wait until May 1st to make a final decision. Be sure to maintain grades throughout the year as it is not unusual for colleges to request senior grades at different times.
Deferred - Your application will now be considered Regular Decision instead of Early. You won't be notified of a final result until around March.
Denied - Instead of rejection, think of it as redirection. Take some time to acknowledge feelings and find support from family and MHS. Then, make sure you're prepared to submit applications in time for regular decision deadlines.

Early or Regular, All Students Should
Make sure SCOIR online lists are accurate before winter break. College Counseling will send all supporting documentation to colleges listed in SCOIR before Winter Break. We cannot access Common Application accounts, so if you make a change there, you must change it in SCOIR too.

Send test scores to schools if required. MHS will not send them on your behalf unless it's done during a counseling appointment. 
Ensure financial aid applications are completed thoroughly and on time. 
Thoroughly read all emails from colleges to which you're applying and follow their instructions - don't forget to check Spam too! Most will direct you to an online student portal to sign in to check your status and any additional required information.
Make a plan to reserve time to search and apply for college scholarships. Resources include MHS emails, Ms. H's non-comprehensive scholarship list, what would be your local public high school's guidance office or website, libraries, churches, local or national community organizations, businesses, and nonprofits, including Horizons sites. Some public colleges and universities (particularly flagship state universities) keep large scholarship lists that you can use even if you’re not attending. The Bureau of Labor Statistics is also a great resource. There are also the widely known national websites, which have legitimate scholarships but tend to generate a lot of unwanted emails: FastwebCollege BoardPeterson'sCappex, and Unigo.
Share all admission and financial aid results with Ms. H and Ms. Virden! Colleges don't communicate with us about results, so to maintain accurate records and benefit future students, we need to be emailed or told admission decisions and financial aid awards!
Inform and thank your advisor and teacher recommendation writers. Ms. H and Ms. Virden will not share your news for you. Your teachers truly put their heart and soul into writing descriptive, complimentary, and eloquent letters advocating for you. They deserve your thanks and updates!
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