Student-MadeJul 1, 2019

updated Aug 10, 2020

Giving art a face

Amanda ’21 speaks about her artistic process in creating a stunning series of monotype portraits

Amanda ’21 created a series of monotypes for her Studio Art III class. She ultimately showed a dozen in all, with each print representing a color in the spectrum. About her process, she says:

“I had an art teacher in Brazil who taught me how to shade pencil drawings. One time, he gave me black paint to block out shadows on a person’s face, and it was the best way to learn how to draw someone without using lines.

“For these monotypes, I used postcards as my inspiration. I painted them on glass, first the background, and then the faces, and I would push the paper down onto the glass to make the prints.

“I heard about MHS through a consultant when we were looking for U.S. schools, and I came to Miss Hall’s for the Art Department. What I like most about art is being able to express myself without having to use words.”