Life at Miss Hall’sMay 15, 2020

updated Aug 16, 2020

“Bigs” host bingo luncheon

Miss Hall’s Big/Little’s program connects incoming students with upperclasswomen who help ensure a smooth transition to life in a new school. You have a friend before you're even on campus!

Hosted annually by the "Bigs," the Big/Little Tea and Bingo is just one of the many ways — formal and informal — that Bigs and Littles connect throughout the year.

Students take time off to relax with snacks and some friendly competition for prizes (cookies, Ayelada gift cards, a trip out for dinner with friends), while one of our "celebrity" faculty members calls the Bingo games.

Every new student at Miss Hall’s is matched with a Big, or current student, who shares their interests and knows the in’s and out’s of the School.

Bigs are dedicated to making “a new student's transition to MHS as smooth as possible,” says Adelis ’21. “It can be very nerve-racking for students when coming to a new school, which is why during the summer before arriving at MHS, your Big reaches out to you. They can answer any questions that you may have, which can help with anxiety.”

Bigs are also a large part of a new student’s support system upon arriving at MHS and can help them assimilate into the community. In the words of Celcie ’21, “Your Big is here to be your friend on a sunny day, your rock during a storm, and everything else in between.”

Bigs can have lasting impacts on students’ experiences, which is why many students later choose to become Bigs themselves. “My big was someone I looked up to. She was the one who inspired me to become a Big today,” adds Adelis. “My friendship with my Big is something that I know will last — even after MHS.”