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Theater? Photography? Fashion? Yeah, we’ve got that

Housed in a dedicated building at the heart of campus, the expressive arts will be core to your experience at Miss Hall’s.

Your place for expression

Art is for everyone. Here, you’ll be able to find new ways to express your voice — at whatever level you’re at. Whether you’re picking up a camera for the first time or whether you’ve been acting since elementary school, we’ll help you wherever you start. We don’t care about perfection — we care about growth.

This is a place to explore. You’ll gain respect for artistic traditions while trying out new mediums, new techniques, and new art forms; we’ll introduce you to ideas you might never have considered. And studios are open throughout the day and evening, so you’ll have plenty of time to experiment and create.

You’ll also have agency — so much of the expressive arts program at Miss Hall’s is led by students. All of the bands are created and led by students, and our new Hallmark Theater Intensive came out of student ideas. The gallery class each year produces a full exhibition of artwork from professional artists around the world, with students choosing which pieces are shown and how the event is marketed.

Groups and classes

The expressive arts at Miss Hall’s offer abundant opportunities for collaboration and performance. The filmmaking class, for instance, works with music faculty to score their film, drama faculty to work on acting, and photography faculty to improve their technique.

Specific classes and performing groups include:

  • Visual arts: filmmaking, ceramics, photography, painting and drawing, gallery administration, garment and textile design, glass design, Hallmark Art Intensive (ideal for creating a portfolio to use in college admissions)
  • Theater: two major productions each year, along with classes in acting and performance and technical theater (lighting, set design, costumes)
  • Music: vocal ensemble, instrumental ensemble, Grace Notes (a cappella), myriad band opportunities, and private music instruction, bolstered by workshops in music fundamentals (scoring, notation, theory)

Students at work

The Klein

The Elizabeth Gatchell KleinBeloved art teacher who taught at Miss Hall’s from 1938 until 1976 and served on the Board of Trustees from 1977 to 1987. Arts Center is the heart of our arts program. It contains expansive day-lit studios for painting and sculpting; a digital photography studio and darkroom; a 200-seat theater; and numerous classrooms and practice rooms.

Most importantly, and like all of Miss Hall’s, students have made Klein their home. You’ll have the chance to hang out here and relax, whether you’re working on a formal piece or just want a quiet corner. Several times per year, students reimagine the atrium, transforming it into an immersive gallery space for the community.

Our visual arts program is for everyone, even those who are just exploring a new interest. If you want to pursue art more formally, of course, you’ll be in good company — many of our students go on to study at the country’s most prestigious art academies.

Animation by Hannah ’21

Miss Hall’s Makes

Miss Hall’s Makes is a blog that celebrates student work: essays, podcasts, paintings, photographs, and more. It is curated by students themselves as a way to promote their peers’ academic and artistic accomplishments. Visit the website to see more of what our students are creating.

Miss Hall’s Makes

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