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Interpersonal Efficacy

Interpersonal Efficacy is the intersection of empathy, self-awareness, and cultural competency, the ability to navigate diverse contexts with ease and one of the most important indicators for success in college and beyond. It requires one to:

● know one’s strengths and needs
● listen actively and observe intentionally
● reflect on and evaluate how behaviors and attitudes influence self and others
● discern and engage respectfully with others in various cultures and contexts,
aspiring to cultural fluency
● cultivate empathy and achieve mutual respect
● employ multiple identities, while maintaining consistency of character
● develop healthy and productive relationships, based on authenticity rather than on
pleasing others
● build alliances and networks
● inspire a unified sense of direction in others
● facilitate connections between group and world
The Girls’ Leadership Project (GLP) at Miss Hall's School is the ongoing exploration of what best helps girls become powerful, undeterred agents of their own futures. Find out more...
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Located in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, Miss Hall's School is a private, college preparatory, boarding and day high school for girls in grades 9-12.
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