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While attending Miss Hall’s, I received a quality education, made some wonderful friendships, and had many experiences that allowed me to grow as a person.  Miss Hall’s provided an environment where a girl could have countless successes—and the occasional stumble that would always be resolved with the help of a supportive member of the faculty.
Two faculty members, in particular, were extremely kind to me and helped me meet my goals as a student, an athlete, and an individual.  My advisor and coach, Patrick McInerney, motivated me as an athlete and encouraged me to apply myself academically.  English and Music Teacher Gary Miller inspired me through literature and the arts.  Enthusiastic, caring, and understanding faculty truly enriched my Miss Hall’s experience.
Miss Hall’s continues to be a place where girls are encouraged and empowered to be thinkers, problem solvers, and authentic young women.  Since graduating, I have been impressed by the School’s constant effort to improve.  Strong leadership, innovative programs, and a campus expansion have all contributed to a remarkable present-day Miss Hall’s.  Today, a Miss Hall’s student can take courses in Women’s Health and Global Issues, Modern Middle East, Forensics, Introduction to Economics, Engineering and Society, and Introduction to Computer Science.  A new academic building—Linn Hall—houses the STEAM initiative and integrates Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.  Horizons, the School’s service-learning, and internship program is part of the curriculum, while MAPS (Mira’s Alliance for Philanthropic Sustainability) is a student-led organization that works with the Miss Hall’s community and around the world to raise awareness about sustainable philanthropy. Additionally, the Girls’ Leadership Project serves as the foundation for how the School delivers its academic and student life programs.  
I am happy to offer my time and energy to advancing Miss Hall’s.  The School is part of my history, and I believe in its mission.  I feel an added responsibility to be involved with and support the School since I was provided financial assistance while there.  Miss Hall’s continues to offer financial aid and scholarships sustained by the Annual Fund to create a diverse and strong student body.  It is such a special place and is truly committed to meeting its goals.
-Gaby (Sherb) Evers '90
Now is a great time to give! The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act – the CARES Act, as it is informally known – includes two legislative provisions designed to encourage charitable giving. The first allows for the deduction of up to $300 in giving this year, whether the taxpayer itemizes their taxes or not. The second raises the deduction from 60% to 100% of charitable giving for those who itemize in 2020, relative to adjusted gross income. 

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