AthleticsDec 29, 2021

updated Jan 7, 2022

She's Got Game

Director of Athletics and Auxiliary Programming Telia Marks-McCall

After a year of pandemic-induced restrictions on competition, MHS athletes were eager this year to get back into the game. New Director of Athletics and Auxiliary Programming Telia Marks-McCall is just the person to take them there.

Telia joined MHS this summer, bringing not only experience in boarding school and collegiate athletics, but also experience as a collegiate and professional athlete herself.

“I know the role athletics can play in girls’ lives,” says Telia, who was a standout basketball and volleyball player in high school in Georgia, before playing for the University of Virginia’s women’s basketball team for four years. After college, she played professional basketball in Luxembourg and Finland.

“Sports teach life lessons — how to work together, communicate effectively, be a good teammate,” says Telia, who holds an M.Ed. in Organizational Leadership from Quinnipiac University and a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Virginia. “You learn leadership skills, and I want student-athletes to leave Miss Hall’s knowing how to lead, communicate effectively, and work in groups. Participating in athletics also helps build confidence, helps individuals live healthy lifestyles, and helps students learn how to overcome challenges.”

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Telia came to MHS from Miss Porter’s School, where she served as the Assistant Athletic Director and Head Basketball Coach for two years. Before that, she was Director of Basketball Operations for Quinnipiac’s women’s basketball team and a Recuirting Assistant for the University of Iowa's women's basketball team.

“Miss Porter’s was my first boarding school experience and an all-girls environment, and it was such an amazing experience and definitely in line with my passion for coaching and working with female student-athletes,” she says. “It confirmed for me that this is something I’m supposed to be doing, and I knew the next step for me was being an athletic director at a school.”

Director of Athletics and Auxiliary Programming Telia Marks-McCall with Athletics Association co-Heads Bethania ’23 and Jenelee ’23

The Miss Hall’s position was appealing, in part because Telia sees a lot of potential in the program. Being in the Berkshires was also attractive to Telia, who’s favorite season is fall. (She picked a good one for her first fall at MHS!)

In addition to leading the Athletics Department, Telia is designing and coordinating auxiliary programming, including summer programs such as athletic camps, on the MHS campus.

“There are opportunities in terms of starting back up after the pandemic and knowing that with the right ingredients, we can take the program to the next level,” she says. “I love a challenge, and I have a vision, and you have to be dedicated to figuring out what program needs and how to get there.”