AcademicsMay 2, 2020

Faculty commits to new principles during time of distance learning

As the ongoing coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic forces schools to reimagine their plans for the 2020-21 academic year, MHS faculty committed to a set of principles that will guide their work.

@MHS Principles

In the coming year, Miss Hall's School anticipates that teaching and learning will happen in a variety of configurations and locations. To design this dynamic program, we look to our mission, core values, strategic design, and commitment to an inclusive, connected community that underpin all that we do at MHS. Our @MHS program encompasses the essence of the MHS experience and the following academic principles:

WhoWeAre@MHS: Our Core Principles

  • Mission-Based Values: we stand by our vision to continuously reimagine girl-centered education. Individual teachers and advisors collaborate across the School and with MHS families to live out the MHS mission and to support our students as they develop the core competencies of Vision, Voice, Interpersonal Efficacy, and Gumption.
  • Joyful and Connected Learning Community: we partner with students and families to emphasize engagement and connectivity in all locales. Our academic program, in conjunction with advising, Student Life, and leadership programs, promotes student wellness, socio-emotional learning, connection, and growth.
  • Social Justice, Equity, and Inclusion: we continue to apply the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in service to our students’ talents, resourcefulness, and resilience and to assert our school’s DEI statement across our entire program and in culturally responsive classroom communities. We understand that students working from different locations may face inequitable access to time, space, technology, and support. In all of our practices, from assessment to use of technology, we strive to offer the resources and flexibility to assure every student's success.

Learning@MHS: Program Principles for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

  • Growth-Minded Curriculum:​ we commit to furthering our student-centered academic program, which builds enduring curricular understandings and skills and also values individual student needs and growth. Each teacher designs their curriculum to guide students toward self-reflection and goal-setting so that they can develop personalized learning pathways. Our faculty will also use feedback from students and engage in ongoing self-reflection to make changes and be responsive to student needs.
  • Intentional Use of Time:​ we will establish a schedule of learning that supports students, responds to needs, and functions across time and place. Our use of time allows for individual learning and encourages teacher-student connection, supports students’ wellness, and includes regular time for core pieces of the unique MHS experience.
  • Flexible Assessment: ​we are committed to implementing creative, equitable, and varied assessment models. Teachers will adopt appropriate assessment strategies, including formative assessments that support the learning process, provide constructive feedback, and recognize growth. Teachers design assessments to promote academic integrity and student ownership of learning.
  • Responsive Technology: ​we commit to appropriate, consistent, and straightforward use of technological tools that match our program and teaching goals. Our program supports access and proficiency for all to promote learning, ensure predictability, and foster community.
  • Focus on Exploration: ​we believe students need to embrace curiosity across the academic program in efforts to make, experiment, take risks, and create in their own learning spaces. Our teachers facilitate collaboration and iteration that empower students and grant them ownership over their learning.