Aug 7, 2020

— updated Sep 18, 2020

Chef Meg introduces Mira’s Quick Bites

Newly in charge of the kitchen at Miss Hall’s, Kitchen Manager Meghan Rusk is eager to share recipes and learn about the cultural traditions and palates of our diverse community.

And, at a time when we're all doing some online learning, her new video series, “Mira’s Quick Bites,” proves distance learning can be tasty, too!

Chef Meg is excited to open the MHS kitchen to students (in socially distanced ways, of course) and share her culinary talents with the MHS community.

She was named Kitchen Manager in July and, together with Director of Hospitality Services Sabine Bartlett, is leading the MHS Culinary Services team.

Meg joined the Miss Hall’s community in March as a lead cook, coming to the School after three years of cooking at cafes in Williamstown, supporting Williams College. There, she specialized in preparing from-scratch meals and bakery items for daily menus and high-volume catering.

Meg's most recent Mira's Quick Bites: veggie art.

The first installment of Mira’s Quick Bites: delicious strawberry soup!