Jan 5, 2021

— updated Jan 5, 2021

Adapting our campus

Fall experience sets the stage for a safe return to hybrid learning this month

Returning to campus last fall meant adjusting to a whole set of guidelines and changes, from one-way stairwells and hallways to limits on the number a people in a room to a whole new way of dining.

With boarding students set to return to campus this weekend, and day students returning to campus on January 25 for the start of Term 4, our successful fall experience paves the way for resuming in-person/hybrid classes for all students. And, we can’t wait!

The campus reconfiguration took a little getting used to, and remembering which doors are in-only and out-only took some longer than others, but hats off to the MHS Campus Services Team for installing arrows, putting up plexiglass, and measuring to make sure desks and tables are indeed six feet apart.

After students returned to campus in the fall, we successfully navigated two weeks of quarantine (The students particularly appreciated meals delivered straight to their rooms. Thank you residents, faculty, and staff who pitched in on quarantine duty.), and we were ready on Day One of in-person classes on October 19.

We miss the buzz of everyone eating together in the Dining Room, but the Culinary Services team has done a great job of keeping everyone well fed and offering a variety of grab-and-go options to eat in other spaces across campus.

There have been a lot of changes, but the sacrifices are well worth making to be able to bring students back to campus. Thank you to all who make it happen!

What hasn’t changed? We still have 80 beautiful acres to enjoy — even in the middle of winter.

The MHS campus in winter

Scenes from the MHS campus in the beautiful Berkshires