AcademicsAug 7, 2020

— updated Aug 10, 2020

Exploring the 2020–2021 academic schedule

Details and notes on @MHS, our new approach to hybrid and distance learning

The 2020–2021 academic program is designed with maximum flexibility to serve both on-campus and online learners, emphasizing active learning and deep engagement. Whether in person or at a distance, students will be connected to the Miss Hall’s community and to each other through a combination of synchronous and asynchronous learning.

Watch faculty and staff introduce the new schedule
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In keeping with our core principles of an intentional use of time and responsive technology, our @MHS program can transition smoothly to 100% online learning, if necessary. Teachers have designed courses that focus on individual student growth, that include opportunities for exploration and collaboration, and that promote equity and serve student needs.

Key considerations in crafting schedule

  • Safety: physical distancing protocols; health screenings; cleaning and sanitization protocols; guidelines from state and local officials
  • Flexibility: effectively serve both on-campus and online learners; work across multiple time zones to support our global community; be able to transition smoothly to 100% online if necessary
  • Community: student-centered and mission-driven; include the core of our program and values; align with best practices in supporting student wellness

Term schedule

Our new academic schedule is based on terms (rather than semesters) — the school year includes six terms of approximately five weeks each.

  • Students will take two classes per term
  • Classes will meet twice per week (Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday)
  • One-semester courses will now run one term; year-long courses will run for two terms
  • Wednesdays will have a unique schedule focusing on Horizons, student life, and community programming

The 2020–2021 year will be broken into 5-week terms, and students will take two classes per term.

Daily breakdown

Each day, students will engage in one 90-minute class with other students. They will set their own work schedules and manage their own time — abundant opportunities exist for individual study, group work, and meetings with faculty and advisors.

There will be designated online collaborative time each day for students that will support connections among students across time zones, and we will provide extended time for meals, breaks, and transitions.

A sample schedule for a ninth-grader during the 2020–2021 school year. Courses that were previously year-long will now run for two terms, spread across the year.

Amid the scheduling changes, students will still have access to essential Miss Hall’s experiences, like the International Student Alliance, Diversity Coalition, theater, music groups, recreational sports, Spectrum, Essence, affinity groups, clubs, and more.

A weekly schedule for the 2020–2021 school year. Students take one in-depth class per day, then have flexible blocks of time surrounding in which to manage their study time and community involvement.

Sample day: 11th grade on-campus learner

All times Eastern Standard

  • 8:00am Wake up, eat breakfast
  • 8:30am Head to Linn Hall study room to review precalculus concepts
  • 10:00am Group advisor meeting in the Klein Arts Center
  • 10:45am Tune up for my 11:00 guitar lesson in the Music Wing
  • 11:30am Eat lunch in the Dining Room
  • 1:00pm Class time for all on-campus learners: 90 minute, synchronous meeting for A Block. I have precalculus in room 102
  • 2:30pm Stay for office hours with my math teacher for some extra help
  • 3:00pm Meet with other on-campus student members of the Design Club
  • 4:00pm Yoga class: Deep breathing
  • 5:00pm Find a nice spot in the Library to read for my B Block English III class
  • 6:00pm Dinner
  • 6:45pm Down time: Take a walk with my friends, call my dad, respond to emails
  • 8:00pm Check into Study Hall; use Zoom to collaborate on an English project with four of my classmates, a mix of both on-campus and online learners
  • 9:00pm Work on problem sets for precalculus
  • 10:00pm Dorm time: Check in with my Proctor, get ready for bed, listen to music
  • 10:30pm Read a book as I fall asleep, lights out until tomorrow

Same day: 11th grade online learner

All times in China Standard Time

  • 7:45am Grab a quick breakfast
  • 8:00am Log into my email and check my schedule. Use Zoom to collaborate on an English project with four of my classmates, a mix of both on-campus and online learners (B Block class)
  • 9:00am Work on problem sets for precalculus (A block class)
  • 10:00am Fitness break: Go for a run in my neighborhood
  • 11:00am Open time: Today I spend some time with my family and have lunch outside with a local friend
  • 1:00pm Find a cozy spot to read and do work for my B Block English III class
  • 3:00pm Open time: Today I look at the email my peers sent me about Design Club. I start working on our next project
  • 6:00pm Review concepts before my A Block precalculus class tonight
  • 7:00pm Have dinner with my family
  • 8:00pm Log into Zoom class time for all online learners: 90 minute, synchronous meeting for A Block. I have precalculus
  • 9:30pm Stay online after class to ask my math teacher some questions
  • 10:00pm Meet virtually with my advisory group
  • 10:45pm Get ready for bed, read a book to fall asleep, lights out until tomorrow

Wednesdays: a day for community

We’ll have a different schedule every Wednesday, which will support:

  • Community meeting time
  • Horizons (for both on-campus and online learners)
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion programming
  • Collaborative study time
  • Student Life programming
  • Time with Proctors
  • Club meetings