AlumnaeJan 25, 2021

updated Feb 23, 2021

$1 million pledged for historic reunion challenge

Alumnae have a unique opportunity to double their gifts in support of girls-centered education — and help break a fundraising record at Miss Hall’s

(Ben Bocko)

An epic giving challenge is on the table.

Two members of the Miss Hall’s Board of Trustees are stretching themselves to issue a double-reunion challenge: if Miss Hall’s graduates from classes celebrating in 2021 collectively raise $1 million before Alumnae Weekend (May 14–16), their contributions will be matched with another $1 million.

That’s a $2 million impact on girl-centered education.

Appreciating the complexities of this challenging year, we invite everyone to stretch and give what you can to help meet the needs of the school. Every dollar contributed by reuniting classes — that’s you, members of graduating classes ending in 0, 1, 5, and 6 — counts!

We are aiming for 100% support across the generations. Classes and individuals who give will be recognized at reunion and on the MHS campus.

UPDATE: $800,000 has been raised so far -- only $200,000 to go to unlock the million dollar match.

Banding together, we can solve for now and unlock the future!