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Vision s the willingness to live by core values, recognize opportunities, and make long-term plans to achieve goals

Vision requires one to:

● articulate core values
● nurture curiosity
● innovate, project long-term aspirations, and champion change
● recognize and capitalize on opportunities in service of a goal
● maintain focus and clarity of purpose
● act as an ally for other girls and women
The Girls’ Leadership Project (GLP) at Miss Hall's School is the ongoing exploration of what best helps girls become powerful, undeterred agents of their own futures. Find out more...

Achieving Her Goals Through Volunteering

Even lifelong Berkshire County residents can be surprised by the diversity in the region’s small cities and towns. Volunteering at the Berkshire Immigrant Center, which serves clients from more than seventy countries, Gabriela saw first-hand how diverse the Berkshires are. “It’s been eye-opening, because I’ve grown up here and did not realize the number of immigrants there are in Berkshire County and how hard it is for them to find services,” notes Gabriela. “Volunteering here gives me the chance to do something about that.”

Find out how Gabriela achieves her goals through her Horizons volunteer work
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Located in the Berkshires in western Massachusetts, Miss Hall's School is a private, college preparatory, boarding and day high school for girls in grades 9-12.
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