Parent Program for the Annual Fund

Parent and Grandparent Supporters

2018 Annual Fund for MHS
Parent and Grandparent Support
July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018
(updated February 13, 2018)
Class of 2018  
Carla and Steven Bellemare, parents of Madison and Sophie ‘14
Susan and Bernard Bellemare, grandparents of Madison and Sophie ‘14
Sharae and Cosby Caillot, parents of Tori and Brieanna '15
Patricia Davis, grandparent of Olivia Kinne
Judith Gregory, grandparent of Bella Currie
Myounglim Lee and YooSu Kim, parents of So Youn "Anna" Kim
Zita and Dennis Kinne, grandparents of Olivia
Georgette and Delmore Kinney, grandparents of Lilly Climo
Eva and William Sheridan, parents of Kitty
Martha and Dean Tagliaferro, parents of Elizabeth
Susan Hooey and Jeff Wilks, parents of Lucy Wilks
Linfang Song and Daqiang Zhang, parents of Xinyi “Erica” Zhang
Qiuni Yang and Xiangjun Zhong, parents of Zaiyang “Levi” Zhong

Class of 2019
Perla Capriles, grandmother of Aysha Vadukul
Angela Quadt-Ebertz and Christian Ebertz, parents of Neele Ebertz
Angela Vuagniaux and Marc Fadding, parents of Trudy Fadding
Jerrion and Wayne Forrester, parents of Raven Matias
Alison France, parent of Cheko
Joan Williams France, grandparent of Cheko
Vilma France, grandparent of Cheko
Karen and Michael Grady, parents of Emily
Debra and Glenn Guachione, parents of Carolyn and Grace '17
Yuru Guan and Xianwen He, parents of Jiaying “Kelly” He
Marianna Morrison and James Kenefick, parents of Aysha Vadukul
Marie Johnson-Ladson and Samual Ladson, grandparents of Nia Johnson
Lisa and Todd Loehr, parents of Andrea
Karen Lrhazi, parent of Merriam

Class of 2020
Sandra and Jim Biancolo, grandparents of Amelia ’16 and Ella
Rebecca Carmel, parent of Emily
Lucy and Patrick Hehir, parents of Ashley
Sue and Phil Knoll, parents of Lanna
Elizabeth and Paul Lapierre, parents of Isabelle
Yan Li and Yansheng Liu, parents of Yuning "Lyn" Liu
Melissa and Tony Mazzeo, parents of Mia '16 and Tea
Daniel Rice, parent of Serena
Lisa Rice, parent of Serena
David and Nancy Smith, parents of Charlotte
Hayley McDaid and David Wiley, parents of Riagain Wiley

Class of 2021  
Shereise Bernard, parent of Shannon Foster
Sadie and Nyland Bryan-Johnson, parents of Imani Johnson
Gillian and Reginald Canal, parents of Chelsea
Zhuchunxu Chang and Xuan Cheng, parents of Yifei “Jaq” Cheng
Suzanne and Jae Chung, parents of Hani
Harry and Marie DeFriest, grandparents of Olivia Doerr
Yan Zhai and Aiming Du, parents of Hongni “Elena” Du
Chen Yu and Feng Gong, parents of Yi Wei “Calla” Gong
Yijing Tang and Weining Gong, parents of Yunqing “Megan” Gong
Jennifer and Matthew Kerwood, parents of Katherine
Barbara and Joseph Kotelnicki, parents of Emma
Su Zheng and Linming Li, parents of Siqian "Selina" Li
Felicia and Alteric Marshall, parents of Ebony
Hui Wang, mother of Haoye "Yoyo" Wang
Mary Ma and Junfeng Wang, parents of Hanyue "Luna"
Yongmei Yang and Kan Xu, parents of Meng Ting "Lilian" Jiang

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