A Day in the Life of a Miss Hall's Student

What is a typical day like for a Miss Hall's student? Olivia's Monday looks pretty busy, but with our new daily schedule (introduced for the 2017-2018 school year) there is more flex time, free time, and time to connect with students and teachers. This is an example of what a student's schedule might look like on a typical Monday.

A Monday in the Life with Olivia '18 (and others!)

7:00 Wake up and get dressed - lots of freedom within the dress code!

7:45 Breakfast with friends, review Spanish verbs. Leave a few minutes early to get to Linn Hall

8:30 Computer Science with Dr. Himes

9:25 Advanced Algebra II. Matrices, here we come!

10:50 AP European History with Mr. Rutledge; it's discussion-based, so I can ask lots of questions

11:45 Lunch with friends - so many options, but today is pasta bar!

12:30 Community Meeting - the whole school comes together - faculty, staff AND students - for announcements and updates. I love when the whole school is together!

1:10 Spanish with Sra. Nicholson - Finish my test early and spend the rest of the period in the Student Center studying. 

2:35 English class with Dr. Schutzman. Connecting "Othello" to "The Tempest." I love my Shakespeare class!
(Two days a week, I also take an elective in the expressive arts department. This semester it's Ceramics with Mr. G.)

3:25 This is when the school's music ensembles meet. I am a member of Grace Notes - our a capella group!

4:30 School day is done (just kidding). On to volleyball practice.
Sports seasons at Miss Hall's are split into trimesters, so fall for me is volleyball, winter is the musical, and spring is Movement and Dance

5:30 After practice or rehearsal - time for friends and dinner!

6:35 Proctor meeting

7:30-9:00 Each night of the week this time is designated for Study Hall. This is a great time to work on homework, study for tests, or meet with my friends for group projects. 

Thursdays means Horizons, our experiential learning program at Miss Hall's. It also means the entire school day changes: sophomores, juniors, and seniors spend the morning off-campus, volunteering and interning at roughly 75 sites throughout Berkshire County, while freshwomen hold down the fort on-campus as they dive into a variety of fun and engaging Horizons projects. 
"I love going to lacrosse and being surrounded with such a fun group of people. Our coaches train us and push us to give 100 percent, and my teammates are incredibly supportive and encouraging." - Cristina
I like how I feel right after Community Meeting - we've just talked about different things, we've brought the whole school together, and we've had some food, so we're refreshed for our next class! - Ella
"Students often go off-campus. There are local trips to see movies, visit art museums, or get frozen yogurt, and longer trips to places like th Holyoke Mall and New York City. I appreciate that weekends are fun at Miss Hall's." - Sueann
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