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Your neighbor is the girl next door—she only happens to be from halfway around the world. Our students come from all corners of the globe, and about three-quarters live at the School. Most reside in the Main Building (freshwomen live on the same hall); and though juniors and seniors can live in our junior and senior dorms, a number also live in the Main Building, where they are Proctors for residents on their floor.
Proctors play an important role in dorm life, conducting nightly check-ins, reminding stuents of rules, and being trusted advisors. That difficulty you’re having in Spanish class? Your Proctor remembers freshwoman year and can assist. Not feeling well? She’ll let the nurse know. New to the School? She’ll introduce you to her friends. Each hall also has a resident faculty member who oversees dorm life, serving as mentor, counselor, and hall parent to girls on the floor. Together with other adults who are always around, they make the dorm a home-away-from-home for boarding students.
Ask our students what they love about living here, and they’ll tell you it’s the independence and responsibility that comes with being away from home and knowing that they are becoming experts at solving their own problems and making decisions. Adjusting to life at college in a few years? With this experience—it’s no big deal. They’ll also say they love the diversity at MHS, a “mini universe” right outside the door. And, they’ll say they love getting up 30 minutes (okay, 25) before class and still having time for breakfast before the bell rings.
What is it like to be a boarding student at Miss Hall's? Video by Alexa Green '09.

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  • Your Day as a Boarder

    Your "typical" day may vary some, but here you will find what a day looks like for one MHS senior. Every day is busy, but ask any MHS student - the experience is great!

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  • Resident Faculty

    The four dorms on the Miss Hall's campus have resident faculty members who live in the halls. These hall parents, along with the Proctor who is assigned to the hall, are your "go to" people. They oversee all aspects of dorm life, serving as mentors, providing guidance and support, and ensure each girl is happy, healthy, and finding her way at School. Together with other adults who are always around, they make the dorm a home-away-from-home for boarding students. Hall parents will get together with the girls on the hall on a regular basis. There may be a specific issue to discuss, or the meeting might be more general in nature. Either way, these regular meetings provide everyone a forum where her voice can be heard.

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  • Our Dorms

    Miss Hall's girls come from all corners of the globe, and about three-quarters live in one of our four dorms on campus. Most reside in the Main Building, with freshwomen living on the same hall; New Residence Hall (pictured here) opened in 2016; Groves Hall is a smaller dorm, housing primarily juniors; seniors live in Witherspoon, although a number also live in the Main Building and Groves, where they are Proctors for girls on their hall.

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  • Proctors

    The seniors chosen as Proctors play an important role in dormitory life. Whether acting as friends, allies, or role models, they help both new and returning students adjust to life at School. They are also responsible for helping resident faculty managing day-to-day life in the dormitory. They assist in proctoring study hall each evening, complete "check-in" for the dorm on weekday nights, and are fellow dorm residents. Proctors are often the most knowledgeable and informed people living on a hall. The entire community, both students and faculty, relies heavily on these students. Proctorship is an honored position in the School. Each spring junior girls interested in applying for proctorship attends workshops to help her gain knowledge about the role and determine if it is the right position for her.

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  • Your Room and Roommate

    When a girl enrolls in Miss Hall's as a boarding student she is assigned a room and a roommate. Each student is provided a bed, dresser, desk and chair, and either a closet or wardrobe. We provide students with a packing list and information about what you can bring to campus.

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  • Hall Activities

    Life at Miss Hall's is busy, but we know it is important to relax and have some fun. Halls, dorms, and all residents gather at many times thoughout the year to play games, decorate the dorms, and eat delicious food.
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