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Clubs at MHS provide students with opportunities to bond through a particular passion, dig deeper into topics of interest or just have fun. Whether you want to perform in a band, publish short stories, raise money to help fund a girls' school in Rwanda, or organize an event for Special Olympics, you will be able to connect with others in a Miss Hall's club or activity. It all depends on what you’re interested in. And, if you don’t see a club you like? Start your own!


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  • ACG (Animation, Comic, and Game) Club

    Members will meet to share an appreciation for anime, cosplay and games by producing our own manga and anime. 
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  • Brain Bee

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  • Art Club

    The Miss Hall's School Art Club offers students an opportunity to have fun with arts and crafts in a non-academic setting. Club members plan their own projects, enjoy visit from guest artists, and collaborate on fundraisers. Members also meet to work on creative projects.
  • Athletic Association

    The Athletic Association assists the Director of Athletics in organizing and supervising the School’s sports activities, both interscholastic and intramural. Association membership is broad-based and includes the Athletic Association co-Presidents, Blue and Gold team captains, and class representatives from each class who are elected in the fall.
  • Bigs

    Bigs are students who volunteer to play an important role in the life of a new student at Miss Hall's School. Whether acting as friends, mentors, or role models, Bigs make the transition to MHS smoother and are an integral presence in the life of new students. Bigs play an important leadership role in the school community, and both students and faculty rely on these students.
  • Ceramics Club

    Students who have an interest in Ceramics but whose academic schedules do not enable them to enroll in a class have the opportunity to learn to make pieces outside of their academic day under supervision of the advisor.
  • Chemistry Club

    Members will explore different topics in Chemisty, conduct fun expierements, and organize educational activities for the community. 
  • Cooking Club

    Members will meet and cook together, sharing cooking interests and cultural dishes.
  • Debate Club

    Members will meet and practice debate skills and participate in a debate competition.
  • Design Club

    Members will create and provide posters/flyers to help the community publicize their mission and events. 
  • Diversity Coalition

  • Droppin' Mics

    Members practice public speaking skills by reciting poetry and other written pieces before an audience. 
  • Essence

    Memnbers are devoted to the creation of harmony and tolerance regardless of race and ethnicity.
  • Grace Notes (a cappella group)

    Grace Notes is a student-selected a cappella group that sings popular and classical songs. Membership in Grace Notes, which is determined by the group in the spring, is an honor.

  • Hall's Environmental Action Team (HEAT)

    The Hall's Environmental Action Team (HEAT) is a forum in which students can learn more about current issues facing our environment. HEAT strives to educate the community about climate change, wise resource use, and sustainable practices. Members will raise awareness about environmental issues and educate the MHS community about water and electricity conservation.
  • Hallmark

    Members work together to produce and publish a yearbook.
  • Hallways

    Members will inform the MHS community of current events by publishing a newspaper.
  • Instrumental Ensembles

    Instrumental music groups showcase the musical talent in the School community. In the past, there have been rock bands, recorder groups, and wind and string ensembles. They perform at School events and, occasionally, at other schools.
  • International Student Alliance (ISA)

    Members are international and domestic stufdents who meet to plan cultural activities and programs that enrich our MHS community. 
  • Math Club

    Members who are interested in Math explore fun activities in a non-competitive atmosphere.
  • Model UN

    Members have the opportunity to represent delegates of different countries, simulate UN committees, and debate over current events and controversial issues. 
  • Moves Like Mira (STEP Club)

    Members will enjoy fitness activities by learning step dancing.
  • Poetry Club

    Members meet to create a space for people to feel comfortable writing, sharing, reading and listening to poetry.
  • ReAD Club

    The Recommendation and Discussion (ReAD) Club is a student advisory body to the Humes Euston Hall Library. The group meets to discuss and choose fiction for the Library collection and, through various activities, to promote recreational reading.
  • Science Bowl

    Members prepare for a team competition called Science Bowl. 
  • Social Committee

    The Social Committee is a club that meets every Monday night. The committee's leadership and the School's Director of Student Activities lead the meetings. The committee is comprised of elected representatives from each class, and the representatives help plan events offered during weekends. Members should have the ability to generate new ideas, a willingness to talk to classmates about their interests, and an interest in participating in the weekend events.
  • Sol

    Sol is the School’s literary magazine, which is published in print once each year under student direction. The entire School community is encouraged to contribute literary material or art work for publication.
  • Spectrum

    Spectrum is a club devoted to the creation of harmony and tolerance among all students, regardless of sexual orientation. Members educate and raise awareness within the MHS community abouts news in the LGBTQ community.
  • Technical Theater

    Technical theater is open to anyone interested in set design, construction, lighting, and backstage work. Participants learn skills and techniques and construct sets in the workshop. Learn more about our Theater program.
  • Technology Club

    Members explore the use of technology and share their knowledge with the MHS community.
  • Theater Ensemble

    The MHS Theater Ensemble puts on two productions each year. Auditions for the fall play are held in September. Auditions for the winter musical are held in November.  No prior experience is necessary, and auditions are open to all students. 
  • Video Game Club

    Members learn coding, 3D modeling, and game design in a fun and friendly environment.
  • Vocal Ensemble

    The Vocal Ensemble is a singing group that is open to all students. The group performs at a number of school events and participates in a coordinated concert with other schools in the area during the winter.
  • Yoga and Meditation

    Members enjoy finding one’s inner peace and experiencing relaxation through the practice of yoga and meditation.
MHS offers nearly three dozen student-led clubs groups, clubs, ensembles, and publications that allow students to explore their passions, test the reins of leadership, and energize the school community. Don't see something that interests you here? Just submit a proposal to the student life team to create your own club!
"The best thing about Miss Hall's is the environment that encourages personal and academic development, and the amount of opportunities it gives its students." - Amanda '21 

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