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Three Stellar Performances of Cry-Baby
Congratulations to the MHS Theater Ensemble for three amazing performances of the Winter Musical, Cry-Baby. Not even Friday’s storm that cancelled school could keep the show from going on, and theatergoers turned out in strong numbers to see this high-energy production.
Set in 1954 in Baltimore, Cry-Baby tells the story of star-crossed lovers Wade “Cry-Baby” Walker—the leader of a group of juvenile delinquents known as “Drapes”—and rich, good girl Allison Vernon-Williams, who has grown tired of her straight-laced life. Complicating matters in the romantic comedy are Allison’s jealous boyfriend, the squeaky-clean Baldwin Blandish and Lenora Frigid, who has a crush on Cry-Baby.
The show starred Ainsley Schuth ’19 as “Cry-Baby,” Olivia Kinne ’18 as Allison, Riagain Wiley ’20 as Allison’s square boyfriend, Baldwin, and Jayme McGuigan ’18 as Allison’s grandmother, Mrs. Cordelia Vernon-Williams. The cast featured Erica Morales-Armstrong ’20 as Cry-Baby’s fellow Drape friend, Dupree W. Dupree, and, as members of “The Teardrops” singing group and Drapes, Kate Nguyen ’20 as Pepper Walker; Michela Laurin ’18 as Wanda Woodward; and Alicia Bravo ’18 as Mona Malnoroski/Hatchet Face. Additional Drapes included Queen Tran ’18, Shannon Foster ’21 and Chelsie Li ’21.
Also performing were Tiffany Luu ’18 as Lenora, and, as members of the musical group “The Whiffles,” Rose Battista ’19, Evelyn Stewart ’20, and Emily Carmel ’20. Baldwin’s friends, “The Squares,” featured Soleil Laurin ’20, Miriam Myers ’18, and Anna Kim ’18. Additional ensemble members include Nikky Abreu ’19, who also appeared as the Judge, and Mariah Lewis ’18.
The technical crew included Stage Managers Ingrid O’Dell ’19 and Faia Kronick ’19; Mariah Lewis ’18, who assisted with music; Betty Xiao ’20, who assisted with costumes; and the lighting crew of TK Visuthiwat ’20, Jasmine Briggs ’19, and Vivian Hou ’18, assisted by alumna Maddie McCain ’16. Box Office Manager was Jackie Smith ’18.
Joe Rose was the Musical Director and performed on keyboards in the production’s band, which featured bassist Trudy Fadding ’19, drummer Judy Li ’18, and guitarist Rob Sanzone, the School’s Instrumental Music Instructor. Maia Robbins-Zust provided set and lighting design, while Kathy Kearns and Tracy Theatre Originals provided costume assistance. The show was directed and choreographed by Jennifer Jordan, Director of Theater and Dance at Miss Hall’s School, with choreography assistance from alumnae Lauren Graham ’15.
In all, more than three dozen students contributed countless hours to perform and produce the show and to build the set. The production also benefited from the assistance of MHS faculty and staff members, as well as from supporters in the area’s theater community. Great job, everyone!
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  • M Grallert
    Fantastic show! Everyone should be proud of themselves. I’ll not miss a show from here on out. Good job you guys.
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