Girls' Leadership Project

E.E. Ford Seminar

The Classroom as a Learning Lab

Miss Hall's School GLPThe MHS Faculty Seminar supports the goal of strengthening the learning environment for girls at MHS. Teachers in the Seminar share insights on teaching girls; study and discuss what is essential in creating environments that nurture girls’ learning and their developing coping skills and resilience; and design ways to integrate principles of girls’ leadership into the classroom.
The seminar continued for the 2014-15 academic year, with participants developing and eventually beginning to implement an action project in partnership with another seminar participant. The goal of the seminar is to develop best practices and dynamic pedagogical models that connect to the leadership competencies created by the Girls’ Leadership Project (GLP) working group.
The MHS Faculty Seminar was sponsored in part by a generous grant from the Edward E. Ford Foundation.

"Leadership means being able to comfortably be yourself, while helping everybody else shine. It means leading by example, and taking the high road."
— Gabriela

"A leader is positive and open minded to different ways of approaching challenges and meeting goals."
— Savannah
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